Suicidal people....

I would like to know how suicidal people behave… My mom once told me that am suicidal and the only thing which made me not to disagree with her was the fact that I wanted to kill myself on several occasions…
All my life my parents have never pressured me or made me do something that I did not want because of this reason… This is story for another day…

So, recently my ex has been contacting me after a long time… Jay, you all remember him right?? Has been calling and texting me daily and immediately knew that something is wrong somewhere… This is what he does when his relationship doesn’t work or his girlfriend is not treating him right (always treating me like am his booty call or something)

I decide to ask him what the problem is and he didn’t want to talk about it and since it was none of my business I didn’t dwell in it after all am good, I moved on and my relationship is perfect… So I asked what he wanted from me since although we had a history it didn’t matter anymore…this was his answer

I love you and I want you back, please come and rescue my heart. I know I have been stupid but now am mature and I want us back. I have never loved any other girl but you. Life is not worth living without you and I don’t care what people think or say I just want to marry you and be happy. Please

This is not new… Let me take you back to how relationship with Jay was: he was the type of guy who wants to be with his girlfriend all the time and I couldn’t do that, I was always busy and trying to do new things every time… He didn’t want to understand… He loved sex, everybody does but yake ilikuwa excessive… One day I was busy kushughulika na some case the family had so I was so busy and couldn’t even be on the phone for long but he didn’t want to understand so I told him to go find another girl who could be with him all the time am tired…

He told me he had many and even sent me a pic of him kissing some other chick… My world stopped and all I felt was dizziness… I loved him and he was cheating on me?? I was filled with rage and hate… FF… He has a kid now 2years with the chick and he has been chasing after me since the kid was born…blackmailing me with the issue of killing himself…

Back to yesterday; he requested me to meet up with him so that he could see me for that last time… Of course not in his house… We both know how that could’ve ended… But in town. Unfortunately he is
sick so we couldn’t meet up today…
This morning I received this text,

Acha tusimeet niache kukusumbua… Well meet in our next life…

I said okay.

Could my reply really trigger him to go ahead with killing himself??

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He is not dead (hopefully).
I think he has other issues with lack of attention being one of them. I don’t know the whole story but love out of pity should be treaded cautiously, imho


I think you’ve just killed the hell outta a sissy nigga


Nah. He is just trying to arm twist you. Send him a picture of rat rat and inform him that its very effective.


I hear most suicidal people don’t reveal the desire to take their lives. Any truth to that?


Yap, good example is my buddy @Alchemist


Is it red rat or rat rat?? Acha niende kuconfirm :slight_smile:

True… But some do

Hana ubaya. He just has an erection that has drained all the blood in his upper head. Send him jar of arimis he’ll be okay.


But akona baby mamma…

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I highly doubt if he is waiting for your response so that he decides to kill himself. Otherwise he should have done so long ago if he is actually harbors suicidal thoughts all along. This is a case of blackmail and he is using it to see if you can get back together. Depends with you now. Meet up with the jamaa lakini apana bembeleza yeye, if you’re keen you’ll be able to decipher where those stunts are heading to.


When you have something I can contribute to tag me. My story and Jay’s are very different.


Used that trick kitambo nikiwa na dry spell kunguru akakimbia kwangu kuniconsole ,let me tell you nilipitisha klost plus ktalk thresholds,fisi rule no 5 find kunguru’s weakness and exploit to the fullest,now go prepared to be bomolewad hadi kwa mkia.


Am not going anywhere… Sifeel any

Kuja hapa upper westy nikupe siri,imekataa kutosha kwa inbox and thank me later:rolleyes:.


I’ve got a lady colleague who always used the line on my male colleague “simfeel, he’s very ugly” the lady colleague right now is heavily pregnant courtesy of ugly male colleague.


sawa mzae, si kwa ubaya lakini

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But am in a relationship already… And I love my man… He tried that trick on me several times and it has never worked… It at all he wants to die its his life he can do what he wants with it… Wanaume na wajinga sana, smh!!


@Phylgee just play this …

you can have my shoulder to lean on for a night or two [ATTACH=full]150139[/ATTACH]
my bad you jst posted you in a r/ship[ATTACH=full]150140[/ATTACH] but incase if you man can’t read your feelings …i still got the treament

@pamba hizo story zako mingi za umama pelekea wamama wenzako


   :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:    leta hekaya mkuMBWA

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