Sugoi: What's Going On?

What exactly is going on at the DPs home? Were there four, five or whatever number of attackers?

Was the stabbed cop rescued or was he held hostage and killed?

Why did it take nearly 20 hours to resolve the situation?

How come only one sentry was at the gate, and how did one machete wielding attacker somehow overwhelm officers armed with guns?

The number of contradictory stories I’ve seen/heard is just baffling. We need clarity on this national security issue. Kama uko na info tueleze.

Stupid stage-managed diversionary tactics those.

The scriptwriter of this poorly acted movie should be hanged!

Utangoja sana. Remember the explanations given by senior officials during Westgate sieke?

that was the first gate there are 3 more gates Kabla ufikie nyumba ya ruto, very big compound
Naskia ni huyu alivamia sugoi

Following closely, but as I have been saying, the few remaining days will be really interesting. Politics are murky. On the other hand, I admire your command of English language. you have used the word… sentry. That’s a word or language mostly used in the Bible. Even @mouraythee uses very polished English.

Looks like Arap Mashamba is getting good at Jakuon’s games

what happened at westgate your answer lies there old man.


My Fren, this story is like world hunger. you give it like five minutes of your time then accept you don’t have a solution and swiftly move one.

Am eagerly awaiting the opposition to comment or rant about the incidence of which might be foot in mouth situation on their side.

I think the whole think took so long because of the hostage situation.

Questions are: who was the assailant? Was he alshabaab? How can we prevent such incidences from occurring in the future?

hehee word on the street ni ati producer ni ule mjamaa wetu wa kupiga barabara picha!

If it was a hostage situation then it is understandable you can’t just go in guns blazing

Ata kwangu pale pusia hakuna guard but Uwezi ingia tu vi sop sop namna iyo

kenyans with their impatience cannot understand that in emergencies the security officers do not have all the infor they need to resolve an issue swiftly…

@couchp what we have in Kenya a a media that is so fast in posting info they haven’t verified. Case in point: I was watching a news item on KTN this morning about the guy who was knocked down by a Range at an NTSA check point. The media house authoritatively reported that it was a policeman. Today is when they clarified that indeed the guy was a breakdown operator. Then we have social media, very irresponsible guys competing to be the first one to break news. When it gets to that, always look out for information from reliable sources like the official communication from the police.

Was it really a hostage situation, because from what I’ve gathered there was no one at the home

At such times such Kenyans become security experts, ukiskia mtu akiongea ni kama alikuwa navy seal for 20 years :D:D:D