Sugoi power play

Acha nibaki na hii askari utapata ingine Ichaweri…

If he was part of the presidential guard, ilifaa afanye? A-resign aende nyumbani na Uhunye? Why do bonobos like making mountains out of molehills?

Bana…hata adc.

Personally i would request for new ones these ones retire with uhuru or redeployed…hio working relationship wame establish na kenyatta should have been maintained.

I wouldnt be surprised if they spied on ruto for kenyatta…na msiniambie maneno ya professionalism…mimi siwesi kubali.

this is my armchair-general analysis:-

the president has an ADC by virtue of being the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces. Once a new president takes the oath of office and is handed the instruments of power HE becomes the new commander-in-chief and therefore the ADC MUST get behind the new Commander-in-chief. The same thing happened as soon as Uhuru received the instruments of power after taking the oath of office in 2013.

Of course the incoming president will pick a new ADC and have the one who served the previous president reassigned.

President Ruto as DP was under so much surveillance but they got nothing. He was playing 5 moves simultaneously and 1 move was the real one. 3D chase. Everything is being done openly, they chase it all over then miss the obvious move right Infront of them.

My point is this. Ruto is PORK now. He now has the board and players at his grasp. Those you think are spies on him will be turned to be his most loyal servants without them knowing.

Let me give you an idea why uhuru and his team are kids in strategy. Ruto gave Uhuru what he wanted. Peace Diplomat. He will be busy away dinning and getting drunk as usual. He has being removed from the board completely and he is cheering.

Ruto is overrated. Were it not for the handshake he would have suffered a whitewash loss. With the lowest voter turnout in Kenya’s history, he barely crossed 50% of the votes cast, and had to buy successful independents and opposition candidates immediately and without shame. Otherwise ‘opposition’ that actually doesn’t exist in the new constitution would have been the wielders of ‘Leader of Majority.’

The way it was done is part of the handing over process. That is the proscribed military and Constitutional mode. Nothing new or strange. Merely symbolic. Of course Ruto already had his preferred ADC waiting somewhere.

Thought the same…but i would prefer my own adc IMMEDIATELY im sworn in. That can be reviewed and updated…just like your sworn in with your own presidential standard you should get your preferred adc on the spot hii upuus ingine ni ya nini? sure its also abit odd uncomfortable for the adc eho by now should be a jubilee kenyara diehard after all those years of serving uhuru.

i think the ADC is quiet personal to the outgoing president and should go keep on guarding him

Na umezalisha mtu kwa hii dunia na hiyo reasoning… Imbiciles will never end. I pity your imbicile brats and empathise with em for having such a coconut head for a father. It should have been illegal to allow you to breed.

You have stopped calling him Uncle. Very nice

:D:D:Dnini mbaya bazu

You think you are the genius but all your knowledge would fit in a gnat’s ear. If you even know what that is.