SUGOI MAN TAKE NOTES: Bolivia's President Luis Arce Amefinya EX-President, Karibu Ajiue while in Jail.


Jailed former Bolivian President Jeanine Anez is in “stable” condition after she tried to take her own life after prosecutors charged her with “genocide” over the deaths of protesters in 2019, an official has said.
“We can say, without a doubt, that her health is stable,” Juan Carlos Limpias, the director of prisons, told reporters on Sunday. Carolina Ribera, Anez’s daughter, said her mother made an attempt on her own life on Saturday due to “severe depression” because of her prolonged imprisonment.

Bolivian Attorney General’s Office issued an arrest warrant for Jeanine Áñez and five members of her government for terrorism, sedition, and conspiracy as well as [SIZE=5]cases related to the loan that Bolivia requested from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) without legislative approval and other economic crimes [/SIZE][SIZE=5]on 12 March 2021[/SIZE][SIZE=5]. [/SIZE]Her lawyer said she would not testify until she had all the evidence and had prepared a defence case.

In April 2021, the European Parliament called her and her ministers “political prisoners” and called for their immediate release. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch also denounced her imprisonment and called for the release of her and her ministers.

In August 2021, she attempted suicide while in prison, by cutting her lower arms. She was rapidly assisted by doctors who described it as a “suicide attempt”.

Konyagi should see this and take notes
BBI expenditure was an economic crime of sorts

Mnyambe pole pole muende mlale. Kibaki aliingisha moi kwa jela despite all that he did to him? Stop over-wanking

both sides are kind of screwed, but Ruto is the most feared of all…
Raila is not so vengeful, but Ruto has gotten personal , hata NARC hawakuwa so personal na Moi back in 2002.

Wait for interesting times ahead.

Judiciary has proven once more hawatambui upuss ya executive, remember that Omwami.
Revisitings lazima zitakua

What happened in Bolivia was a coup against the first Red Indian president in the Americas and indeed the whole world. There’s no more oppressed a people than red indians that lost not one but two continents, except maybe the West papuans who seem set to lose their island too.

Kwanza Gachagua akipewa OP na Internal affairs, the Elite of these country will Sh!t bricks.

says who?

Hii ni kenya chief. Wenye pesa ndio kusema

I really hope so…
Kwanza wale walikataa kuwa approved na huyu mwingine amepatwa na dollars zijui ngapi juzi in his office by dci…halafu roots ndio c in c…i dont see him cracking the whip…but i really hope he does…halafu maraga pia achochane huko nyuma ya tent…naweza bambika niaje.

Ruto haezi finya Konyagi, wametoka mbali, remember from 2002

Huku Kenya if people decide to go that route, the question would be which politician will not be jailed, rather than which politician will be jailed

Hii Kenya ni ngumu kuendea mtu, everyone is dirty. Ruto kwanza awezi taka ku set that kind of precedence for future governments. Itakuwa kama kuji-seti being dirty as fuck himself. And I doubt he would want to mess with Mama Ngina and the mafia.

Ruto is powerless is that field. Akijaribu, Kikuyus will turn against him. Atajua ajui.

Haka kamama grabbed power through back door. Halafu she thought ati yeye ni untouchable.

Wamekua wakisema vitu mob lakini bado karata inachezwa, usisahau external influences pia wako kwa hizi mchezo.
Gaddafi na pesa yake alifanyiwa nini?

Dos Santos alifanyiwa aje?

I hope so as well, I like how firm the court stood on their ruling. Dollar billionaires against the learned friends, intresting times to be alive.

Anez came to power after elections in which the incumbent (not her) won. But because the incumbent was anti-uncle sam, in uncle sams backyard, uncle sam engineered demonstrations and civil unrest mpaka he fled. In the next elections, the people voted just like they did earlier and Anez, uncle sams puppet, found herself out of power. Her tribulations is to be seen as part and parcel of anti-uncle sam endeavours by the interrupted government. ‘Good governance’ ni incidental kwa hii vituko.

Sidhani kenya tumefikia hapo.

Yaani mboga safi kama hii inataka kujitoa uhai?

Tuko mbali sana na such…

Si pia wewe ujitoe uhai uende ukakatombe huko ahera.