Sugoi man aka jambazi sugu thought running a country is like running a chicken farm.. See npw. the guy is clueless and surrounded by clowns


Raisi MJINGA, Mwuongo na muuaji wa watoto, viwete na wanawake.

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Pale kwa cabinet Jamaa anaweza ongea for three hours bila kunyamaza while the CSs and kachakwa listen meekly. Just nodding in agreement.
I once had such a boss and I really hated Monday meetings because of him.

Know it all pieces of shit.
I always felt like down this to that boardroom.

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I don’t think he has ever run that chicken farm or any other farm for that matter, he just goes there for PR pictures, if he did, he would have an idea or two about how to manage a country.


Sounds familiar

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Rais ni jamaa ya theory tu.

Kiherere man has never had respect for his bossess. anza na Rao, Obako then Unye. the guy thinks everything revolves around him. we have seen many, they have come and gone, including our our chief who once did us bad.


The Emperor is Naked …
But none in his close circle dare say anything to him … :joy: :rofl:

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