suggestions for stomach

wanakijiji wapendwa,open for scrutiny by only village sponsors,svs habana tambua nyini
having been a strict muoshi mkia(waswaliji,slamu),a lot has happened of late which trynna get a way from,hekaya for another here comes my query,a friend told me,fobe goes well soothing broken souls and ambitions,[SIZE=4]which is the best beer brand kutoa koo uvajo,…have been here for a while naskianga ati jugdaniels but I guess that is not what to start of with…na pia mimi ni mufuasi wa arsenal ,so ni watch hio game nkijibamba I get away from…death,meeeeeehn…needed some anonymity,or I throw myself from the window,can’t stand all this sorrow mood…asande sana [/SIZE]


Tusker shida

your friend did not give you the right advice. he lied. beer doesn’t sooth, it only gets you from one problem to another (much deeper one since its effects are cyclical). get someone to talk to about what you are going through and you’ll be fine.

thanks for your words,but the only person I trusted and thought he would understand me,he heavily ridiculed me,eti nkue mwanaume…wondered,kwani Nina umama

kulewa si u-amaume. take it from as a person who drunk mpaka akatosheka/akamaliza share…pombe na stress haziendanishi poa. when you are out of the current stressful situation go to a bar and buy the drink of your fancy.