Venye this Covid wave is coming itabidi niingie comprehensive cover, mimi ni mtu wa mjengo but can manage like 10k monthly for a good cover ya familia. hebu suggestions zikuom

Google is your friend, have a paper write them all down with what they offer, then make a point and call customer care of those companies you interested in, watakupa details.

Lakini 10k labda NHIF, private companies wewe peke yako hata haitoshi.

Mimi nimeeka ya masomo (for my kids), ya health nimekewa binguni, na Sir God


10k a month. NHIF is your best bet bro. Private companies ni uongo.

Comprehension ni ngumu hii site. Amesema he has 10k for the insurance sio 10k ndio salary.

:D:D nilikuwa nimesoma kama anamake 10k monthly

@new handle yes you can get a good medical cover for 10k, will also depend on size of family and their age too. Check link below to get best comparison for health covers. Hapo sawa kuweka family mbele and all the best bro