Sugar shortage

Ni luxury

Cartels have a firm grip on this country.

Usiongee hivo, it’s a vital ingredient in production of many consumables including basics like bread and some medicines


Why exactly do we allow such a sensitive industry to be run by Indians? The same ones that are willing to bring in mercury-laden sugar and bribe our MPs?
The sugar industry has a very huge potential just waiting to be tapped. It just needs support and goodwill from those at the top.

Selling Nzioa Sugar and the likes is not a show of goodwill.

Why am I suspecting hii ni azimio sponsored? RWNBP

These panjeets might have a hand in the collapse of our sugar industries.

Wale wa sugar free

I farm sugarcane, we have had a bad drought for 3 consecutive years meaning sugarcane yield was low. At some point sugar cane millers had to harvest the crop early. Companies such as West Kenya have even suspended private tractors from harvesting and transporting the crop.

Ikipanda ni hatari
Ikishuka ni balaa.

Can’t relate 5th year nikikunywa ndubia.

I wish ipotee kabisa.
Hio ni boison

iishe kabisa sio lasima

I can’t remember the last time I bought sugar…only sugar I take is from sugarcanes.

Kenyans worship white people. Indian people are next on the scale. Those at the top either hide behind Indians or collude with them. They will never leave because we let them thrive here. And I mean ALL Kenyans… no community excluded.

I rarely use sugar. 1 kilo might take me a month and most times I even forget I have it in the house

I beg to differ. Kenyans are conditioned to feel inferior. We don’t know our worth. We tend to ape western culture to boost our fragile self esteem.