Sugar mummy chronicles:Nakununulia hadi suruali ya ndani LOL

When sugar mummy get shitted on, the fury is real.

Mnatoa wapi hawa shiga mummies



These are contractual relationships that should be based on performance and clear terms of service.

Loyalty or exclusivity does not apply here.

Loyalty is the key performance indicator in sugar mummy sugar baby contract.

You must be in shape and look good and below 26yrs, because after hapo utaanza ku attract wasichana wadogo. They target young guys who because they can’t attract younger women their age.

If in your life hujawahi kua sugar boy, kuna step you missed.

With Kenyan economy and so many jobless youths sugar boy ni wengi, you can’t pick over 30 year old, potbelly, brokeass, balding like Kifee when there are millions under 25,built,hendsome, baggage free boys looking for a woman who can provide for them. Demand and supply.

Good to hear that. Please help even more of these young men get laid because we are fucking Women their age and we hate to see how bitter and frustrated they tend to be. Yei kudos.