Inakuja ten minutes, ukienda kupiga simu ingine ‘service not available’.

Hata kesho inakaa shida iko[ATTACH=full]96035[/ATTACH]

Usisahau Nairobi water, hao ndio wanalia bandu saaana

Huko ni wapi?

Doctors should see this. Few hours of no service from Safcom and its chaos. Eti they were on strike for how many months and nobody gave a hoot?? Sorry @Luther12

This is bad. If my customers cant reach me,that means they cant order. Sales zitakua chini leo

Seems the same thing had happened on the same date, same month two years ago.
Is there something Safaricom isn’t telling us.

Plus Equitel & Orange.


Caught me off-guard kabisa, i now have a reason to look for an airtel sim.

This is a really sad comment.Just because you can afford private health insurance doesn’t mean every Kenyan can!
Millions of Kenyan suffered and gave a “hoot”.

Saf plus Kenya powerless… Rehearsal for 8/8/17

if only you knew how much I had to fork out in feb kwa hosi mbili for a simple ailment, wacha tu

Hehe…usual comical fellows.


Airtell na sisumbui,Saf ni kutumbukiza kitunguu kwa mpesa pekee.

Pole. Comment withdrawn.

if the internet was to go down world wide just for a day watu wanaeza kuwa wazimu

What were you peasants yapping about? If I have a shop and then decide not to open one day, what prevents you from shopping at the next shop? Do you have a contract with Safaricom that they shall be always available for you? Kuna pesa ulikua umewalipa ndio wakue online at your preferred time?

Ichieni. These are machines, and any machine, including the ISS or the Beast, can malfunction at times.