Sometimes this U.S.A pricks can anger someone. Imagine the unresolved urgencies…

Actually I was to post this baada ya kusumbuliwa. No internet no calls. Meffi suffericon

It was nominations,
It was a dress rehearsal for Jubilee to rig their favorite candidates,
It was a dress rehearsal of what to expect in the general elections,
Someone wants to justify the manual backup,
Someone wants to demonize results transmission.
Kenyans at their very best.

Hehe I had restarted my phone hata nikatoa battery na nikapanguza sim card vumbi :D:D:D

waaah i almost thought my mediatek has finally become useless

Stupid network! have been down for 30min

Longer than that sir.

And they are at it again.

Not forgetting the millions lost through unprocessed/rescinded transactions-Mpesa, Lipa na Mpesa (paybill and till number), Mpesa to ATM etc

Aki imeanguka tena. Wtf is going on?

Nafunga safari, nakwama kwa petrol station because of Lipa na MPesa, I can’t call so I have to whatsapp to reschedule then go back home to marktime.
Safaricom, this is a meffi move.
Ibilisi Saitan.

gurus wa FTA, how can we receive Free to Air calls via satellite? @Meria Mata, @Luther12

Sweeps pale twirra…

Sisi watu wa airtel bado tuko sawa…

Saitan! Had to switch to orange…na ata sjui how to purchase bundles thru Orange. Tutasaidianaje wakuu?

leo nimeingia kona zote kutafuta line yangu ya airtel kule iko

Vile watu Wa Airtel awasumbui …[ATTACH=full]96034[/ATTACH]

Seriously Safcon is too big and should be broken down.
The way it has a stranglehold on the country is a disaster waiting to happen!

Wacha zako, shit happens sometimes.
Hata amazon Osungu.dll ilifanye waende offline in feb, which even affected Ktalk

They are back guys…

lakini ni kama wanacheza brikicho na KPLC