Pale zuckerbugger land…

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Something ain’t right

hehe…is the data plan working…

hapa kwa Hoho 001 safaricon is off, thought ni muTecno wangu uko na shida

Haiyaa…ama wameenda nominashen

poor me, thought it was just my phone. Alafu my phone has refused to connect to wifi…its giving me that link ya “open your web browser to finish connection” but when I do it gives me “no connection” message, si geeks mnisaidie. Inashika laptop vizuri

Am in @Luther12 ghetto and its not working either…

A high ranking US official is in the Kenyan Air space. Give an hour or so.

Dude! I have restarted the phone 5 times thinking mine iko na shida…
Thanks for the update.

Someone positioned somewhere has mentioned nomineshens…

Airtel iko swafi kabisaa, who is this high ranking?

Pale Twitter


I thought the guy is in Djibouti on his way to Middle East?

Anyway, they say they are having technical issues with their network.

I have restarted my Mediachieth device severally and was about to dismiss it then I saw this. Lakini Airtel to Airtel iko swafi kapsaa

acha kumulika number ya @introvert

Safaricom has decided to have a major technical hitch on a Monday - basically transforming my mobile phone to a brick. Just realized how dependent I am to Safaricom. Watu wa madeni washerehekee for now.

Conspiracy theorists are having a field day on social media.
Keep them coming, it’s promising to be a not so boring Monday.

peasants!!! Nunueni Thuraya na muache kelele. Meffi nyinyi.

They are back up.
Just received their stupid SMS.


Being the popular service provider gives them balls to go offline without giving notice…you can imagine all the people inconvenienced with that move…