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wadau wangapi tume kandamizwa na hii? is there any other alternative to this?

[SIZE=7]Safaricom Home Fiber Prices Go Up Significantly After Revision[/SIZE]
Substantial jumps in pricing
Kiruti Itimu

October 18, 2018

Safaricom announced a revision of their rates on various service yesterday,which included voice, SMS and data and also it includes another service: Fiber.
The company quoted new rates in terms of our local currency for the voice, SMS and data offerings, but for fiber, it was a bit different. Safaricom announced that due to the new 15% excise duty tax on Internet services, they have reviewed their prices for fiber to the building (FTTB) and also fiber to the home (FTTH).
Well we now have the prices for the more common ‘fiber to the home’, which for Safaricom has been increasing its reach each quarter to newer regions. Safaricom Home Fiber has various ‘packages’ depending on your budget, which was revised recently by the addition of ‘plus models’.
Well now you get to see what you will be paying from now on as from midnight of 18th of October.
Packages Current Price New Price Bronze 2500 2900
Bronze Plus 3000 3400
Silver 3499 3999
Silver Plus 4499 4999
Gold 4999 5699
Gold Plus 5999 6699
Platinum 9999 11499
Platinum Plus 10999 12499
As you can see from the table, the smallest increase (relatively) is on the Bronze package where the price has gone up by Kshs 400 and the biggest increase is on the Platinum end of the spectrum, where the price has increased by a whopping Kshs 1500. This is quite significant while compared to the price increases on voice, SMS and data.
This price change could affect the rate of new subscriptions for Safaricom Fiber. Currently according to the Communications Authority of Kenya, Safaricom still holds the second spot in the fixed data market with 63,567 subscriptions as of March this year.

Sijui nani huwafanyia hawa watu market research…Zuku hacked it coz ilikuwa na package ya raia in packed estates like umoja.
Safaricom are still selective in areas they want to do their FTTH. They consider people in gated community as moneyed and avoid areas like umoja, pipu, kayole. They will be shocked, hakuna vile mtu huwa hashindi kwa nyumba utamwambia alipe internet ya 3k
This increase will reduce subscriptions and encourage internet sharing. This is good for business, this is good for me

Dang! Taxes are such a b**ch.
Anyway, I will still retain my Safcom home since I spend less than half of what I used to on DSTV and can get premium content especially football HD live streaming, movies and whatnot

They are increasing their charges whereas others are creating ‘free zones’ whatever that is…

No. Safaricom are clever. ZUKU just had a first to market advantage.
Safaricom started by covering areas with poor or no zuku coverage before moving into other areas. Even then, the ROI on covering monied estates where families have a lot more disposable income is much better than the poor neighbourhoods such as Kayole etc where people do not have much extra income to be frequent subscribers. Sio story za mara amelipa one month, then the guys skips 4 months and pays once again which would be prone in such areas

Im thinking of doing the same but atleast they should increase the speeds abit so as not to feel robbed, im on the 10mbps package but still i feel it wasnt worth the 3499 i was paying since i had issues streaming football on tv, for PC its working fine, if not i will downgrade to the 5mbps package

Nilisema tuko free to air

Cc. @123tokambio

lakini hakuna net ya free to air

:D:D:D cucaracha…

@Ice_Cube bado hujapandishiwa bei?

So now I have to downgrade? :frowning:

nimepatikana 5299 bob . sent yesterday shit!


@123tokambio safcom 30 mbps ni how much?

Faaack taxes

Was 5k, now gone up to 5700 ( [SIZE=3]still way cheaper than DSTV[/SIZE] )

Sikuwa na habari on saf, but I see @amun amekushow hapo. Utahama sasa?

True, I even rarely watch TV nowadays

hehe wacha tu nikunje mkia nikae kwa corner.

Are you on 20 ama 30mbps? A few years ago ZUKU moved us from 20-30mbps, Kumbe walikuwa wanascrape the other one, then wakapandisha bei after few months. Tulicheswo…

I thought niko 20 mbps, only realized juzi niliwekwa 30mbps after a speed test. Hata mimi I noticed walipandisha bei kiasi nikalenga kumbe ilikua ujanja

And the also know you won’t be comfortable with 10mbps if you chose to downgrade. Na juu sasa even the competition ndio hao washapandisha, wacha nitulie.
Yet they are offering discounted offers on new clients mtaani. Ona hii…