Sufericon Wifi Calling

So today i was making a call and realized it was crystal clear where previously i usez to struggle hearing.

Checking i saw i was calling through Wi-Fi…

With how good this feature is i am surprised it is not a standard feature…

Now i can call from anywhere in the house

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Elders kuja muone… another one just discovered internet calls. Tumupigie NV makofi ama tumuitie @Ngimanene-Na-matharo ?


Eeeerr. Loll…

i knew it was there just for some reason it wasnt available on my phone…

Is the call free ama unalipia?

Of course unalipia at normal call rates…

Wako league Moja na Archimedes


You’re the idiot here. Wi-fi calling is new tech. Najua wewe you’re thinking along the lines of skype and WhatsApp calls. This feature is enabled in very few models. Tafuta simu ya maana kama OP

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I discovered that my new itel phone has this feature and it’s quite great especially where the network is not so good

Hata zile Neon Ray za kwanza za 3000 had that feature. Kwani where are you from?

Have you discovered that today?
I have been using this feature on my Redmi 13C for some time now. Its called Voice Over WiFi initialised as VoWiFi.




Huchaona ii i believe…