Sudi Rants

Same reason we are sitting back and watching with a smile… Kumbe hii ndiye Canaan Agwambo was fighting for… :p:p:p

We dont care whom Uhuru chooses as his 2022 successor, what we only want is Ruto to be the next president, Ruto asipokua president hapo ndio shida itatokea. So Uhuru you can choose Raila or Mama Ngina as your successor as long as William Ruto becomes president. This is a warning not a threat.

  • Hon Oscar Sudi-

Isn’t this an Arap Kimwarer strategy?

Nilidhani utaongeza matusi, kumbe ni a weak “sasa unataka kulia” :D:D:D

Conspiracy theory:
What if ODM makes a turnaround and abandon the handshake altogether?
Then the bring an impeachment motion against Gatheca?
-Will Gatheca have the numbers to defeat the motion?
Right now I highly doubt.
I think Uhunye is now at the mercy of ODM.
Who advises Gathica?

ile wakati aliitwa mtoto sijui wa nini alifanyaje?

napenda sana hii quote, maliza hiyo mungiki kabisa.



When they uprooted the railway Museveni said that’s the work of ‘mad jaruos’. Even our neighbours know

You are the first person among the dead and the living to say Kibaki is egotistic…

Can’t believe that grownups would result to tribal insults on an online platform … does that make you feel like a man? If you are man enough why don’t you reveal your true self and call the other man K-ihii or Meno brown…fcking idiots.
And you wonder why Kenya is lost.with such stupidity we can never be united. We can never develop to be an economic powerhouse…with our stupidity we let foreigners into Kenya who bomb Us, kidnap us …control our economy , evade taxes, leave our youth jobless…all we sing is mtu wetu.

Why the FCUK can’t be be KENYANS instead of Luo, Kikuyu, Maasai etc… The devil is a human called Kenyan!!!

Quma ninner.

Nyamasisa bakul wewe okuyu.Diskasson ya siasa sio competition ya kudinya Wanjiru kwa shade ya Mugumo tree.

Siasa za Kenya ni boring sana.

Guess that lobotomy never worked for you…

which kenyans. have you seen that for the past few days those that had been criticizing the government for its failures on this forum are today praising uhuru for his power moves and for being the president they want? Hehe… watu wengi ni kama watoto. you can do what you want with them.

Yes and proudly so, remember the time in history when we were homeguards