Sudi Rants


Watu waambiwe ukweli. If you’re kalejinga and voted for Uhuru, it’s because you were really voting for Ruto. You didn’t do Uhunye a favour. Just like those stupid jaruos who keep saying they voted for Kibaki in 2002. If Raira the loser hadn’t been in NARC, would they have voted for Kefake? Ni watu wazoee the new reality na warudi kwa drawing board. Every action has a reaction. They should be plotting a suitable counter instead of ranting like hormonal bitches on social media.

Aptly put

We can rant all we want 24/7 but what is the way forward, ruto aweke nyumba yake in order and give them direction. Uhuru is trying hard to arm twist everyone for more power to change constitution to remain in power. Lakini shida kumbwa ni ruto now he wants to bring in Gideon to replace ruto, I do not care much about ruto we can remove him from equation. But will changing constitution for personal interest be supported by kenyans, if they stage and rig a referendum don’t he think there will be anger and probably even cause a revolution. Haiya

wachaneni na siasa. Uhuru could not control senate without ODM and KANU backup. He is a weak president. Powerless.

kenya na revolution ni vitu mbili tofauti, that idea died the day baba joined the gvt, sisi kama wakenya kwisha we are finished sio korona, sio floods, sio the impending njaa, so buckle up my friend we are going on a very bumpy ride ahead.

Uhuru is not like Kibaki. He won’t let those insults just slide.

Raila is just a power hungry hooligan with no tangible objective, what I am talking about economic sabotage same to that of pre indepedence period.

Nice pivot. What was sold to the stupid voters was that jubilee was a national party, blah blah blah.

I would say Kibaki was a more egotistic politician than mtu pombe, only that Kibaki had fixers who were competent. Mtu Pombe has to do everything by himself.

Of course it had to come from Okuyu, the biggest backstabbers and betrayers in history.


This is the closest time Kenya was facing a looming revolution. Unfortunately, the entire thing was profiled as an ethnic tribe was portrayed as not peace Embracing, looters, goons, war- mongers etc.mungiki, rebranded as “Nairobi business community” were largely spread out in every corner of the route, armed with all manner of weapons.surprisingly, tinga’s motorcade and the entire Mass would “conveniently” eschew mungiki dorminated routes. Agwambo has deep entrenched intelligence infomers, from all government ministries. upon realizing the convenient change of routes from one point to another, the deep state was worried, this guy was invincible, he could not be subdued. It is at that time that they opted to use open force regardless of the live vedio coverage by the local and international media.
For sure I don’t see anyone with such guts, and until then, revolution will only happen in Twitter.

Shidako wewe unapenda kusema ukweli

Hakuna mtu mshenzi Kenya kama jaruo. For people who keep bragging about their intelligence, they never display it when it comes to politics. Wakati Raira alilose 2017 mlikuwa mnashinda hapa mkitukumbusha about baby Pendo and all those other “heroes” who’d died fighting for him. After handshake hiyo story ikaisha. Sahii ukiongea mbaya kuhusu baba unamiminiwa matusi. I see them on Boniface Mwangi’s page.

They support him enthusiastically every time he attacks Uhuru and Ruto. Lakini Wacha tu aingilie baba. Hapo ndio anakumbushwa Raira ni safi kama pamba. Kikuyus vote as a block, but at least we have a semblance of democracy. Some of us can afford to tell Uhuru to eat shit and still survive politically. Nyinyi je?

Skia Kikuyu na akili imejaa mukimo?? Did you vote for that Baba in?? Is there any where in the constitution stated that an opposition leader should forever be in opposition or it be Baba. Okuyu mlipiga kura thrice, wakati wa maandamano mkaitana jina jaluo ni thug bla bla bla. Saa hii you are running your mense-stained brown and cracked lips ati Baba. Kwani yeye ndo aliimpreganate your mum and aunties ndo awasaidie?? Pambana na shida yako, sifia serikali yako kama tu venye uliamka 4 am kuwapigia kura. Baba hakua anywhere ukitick iyo paper.

Going by your logic then we should shun all leaders regardless of their deeds just because they hail from specific tribes? Is that so? Am sorry Master Douche Bag, but Raila said it all when your drunkard president was shuffling for loans, he said it all when your drunkard master permitted the coffers to be looted to the last coin, instead he was ridiculed. What makes your jigger infested brain think that he’s doomed to be complaining every day? Tell me bro, I need to know. If Luos have decided they aren’t doing away with him, its their biniz. As for you, better wet your assholes and prepare for further rimming instead of blaming Raila for your mistakes. Sijawahi kasirika ivi

This is stupidity. He knew if he was a discerning person where kenyatta money came from. Yet he campaigned for him day and night. All this exposes the person as a emotional person all in his feelings and a liability. The ones who know will look and use this as justification why their gut said don’t deal with this person.

Something is wrong with you.

Hivi ndio jaruos hubehave ukiguza baba ata kidogo. Ukiguza mungu wao huwa wanakasirika sana :D:D:D

Sasa unataka kulia