Sudi in trouble for threatening RV MPs who dont support UDA

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi has found himself on the receiving end after sending a fiery message to anti-United Democratic Alliance (UDA) lawmakers.

In a lengthy post on Wednesday, July 14, Sudi claimed that the leaders had selfish and personal interests claiming that they were no longer welcome in the party.

The leaders mention in the fiery post include Hon. Margaret Kamar, Hon. Swarrup Mishra, Hon. William Chepkut, Hon. Joshua Kutuny, Hon. Alfred Keter, Hon. Silas Tiren, Hon. Zedekiah Kiprop Buzeki among others.

He challenged them to leave the party and create their own or join other political parties across the country even as campaigns ahead of 2022 General Elections intensify.

The notice rubbed several leaders and Kenyans alike the wrong way with many claiming that Sudi had reduced the party to an ethnic battleground.

Buzeki, in retaliation, claimed that on the surface, UDA was being projected as a national party but was perturbed as to why Sudi was arguing along ethnic lines.

"A National Party has ability to have supporters from all over the Country and at the same time have those with divergent opinions from across the Country including its perceived strongholds.

“Chest thumping, empty threats are zinjatrophic and retrogressive. Let’s for once respect the electorate and present to them issue based contest where ideologies and manifestos compete. Hiding behind a political wave is immoral and non productive to the Community we represent,” he noted.

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