Sudden Death Of First Son of MP Paul Otuoma

[B]Jakoyo’s thoughts with family during this moment of grief.

Son of Funyula MP Paul Otuoma is dead.

Malcolm Otuoma, the first born to the MP, died at the Nairobi Hospital on Friday while receiving treatment.
Malcon, a first-year student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, had developed breathing complications before he was rushed to the hospital.
He is said to have also visited the hospital on Wednesday but it was not clear what he was suffering from.
@Luther12 - Your thoughts on possibilty of missed opportunity to save this young mans life. You know kenya hospitals and Drs never like to admit their failures.

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true to calling…

Lazim niende funyula

another political funeral just came about?


Shait. RIP. Shait.


@Jakoyo do you think that @luther 12 is a magician or what? How do you expect him to have an opinion on a case he has no knowlegde of,a case you have not presented any background whatsoever or even a sketch of the diagnosis?


The deceased was a young fit man in early twenties with no previous background of ill health. Sudden breathing problem on Wednesday - goes to Nairobi hospital , no diagnosis , sent home. Rushed back on Friday and dies in hospital. Possibilities ? Lung blood clot , Sudden heart failure post viral myocarditis ?


Asthma. Add that to the list. Pneumonia too. And I agree. Not sure how @Luther12 will give a medical opinion without facts ( examining the patient or his medical records)-using hearsay.

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A shags neighbor went to a district hospital because of chest pains , and he was diagnosed with brucellosis, malaria and typhoid It was said that brucellosis bacteria had infected his lungs. He was given antibiotics that night and discharged.He died that night with congestive heart failure …!!! What will you tell family who are grieving ?

Sudden death syndrome.

May he RIP.

Unfortunately these days misdiagnosis is very common. Should we blame it on low salaries causing lack of morale because the doctors are planning a strike in Dec if their salary is not increased, or is just being inept ?

ineptness can never be blamed on low salaries.
but there is a general malaise across all professions which i can only attribute to poor education. There’s a “doctor” i met last year and he was smiling at some things on his smartphone as i explained my case and prompting me with mhhs until i had to keep quiet and looked at him. that’s when he was jolted back to the present and asked ati umesema?..i almost walked out…

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For the past three years Ive experienced very sharp pain on my left side chest and difficulty in breathing twice all these when Im home alone. All happened when it was cold in both cases. Kwanza the first one nililala kwa floor nikarecurperate after 30seconds. Visited Karen hospital for ECG and was found to be OK during their annual heart camp.
Shida ni juzi tu nilifeel some wriggling effect and heart pounding heavily and fast for 5 to 10secs. Nikiskia hizi story hata naogopa kufika hosi sasa. (Fitness niko sawa ju I play football on Sundays without any worries). Help!

Kafara ya kura:(:(:frowning:

Could have been anything you know, I guess his time had come and when death comes calling, you have to answer the call as a mortal.

Used to have a similar sharp pain in my left lung. I went to Aga Khan and the doc said I was as fit as a fiddle and that I should avoid exposing myself to cold.
I felt that there was something more sinister but thankfully the pain went away with time.

My friend pia alianza hivyo hivyo…he died peacefully in his sleep…wacha wewe unacheza ball sunday only…he was a professional footballer…