Poor William Ruto #tanozamwisho

Kamwana must return the favor back to the sender na sio tafadhali.[ATTACH=full]142171[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]142171[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]142172[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]142173[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]142174[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]142175[/ATTACH]

Tulisema kitambo.
Uhuru ataingiza Gideon kwa mix.
Kidogo kidogo Gideon aingize Jimmy Obako kwa mix.

N the billions remain with the dynasties. Tupende tusipende.

Who would HV thought that UK will ever be prez wen y’all guyz wer mesmerized by Kibaki n NARC?

Sasa mngoje appointment ya Gideon Moi mtulie.

N that’s how it remains.

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Get a life. Elections zimeisha

It’s funny how people can think Ruto is foolish; that a street smart man would be outplayed by a silver-spooner.


[ATTACH=full]142180[/ATTACH] Kwani Ruto amefungwa mdomo…si wacha kwanza yeye atete ndo muzushe

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Mumeanza mapema

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after 2013 it was about URP being shortchanged in appointments…



Shows we are surely and slowly getting back to normalcy.

ruto atajua hajui

Amina mohamed anakaa kuwa na kuma tam na kupanua fisuri sanaaa

ulirogwa na nani na kuma:D

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Ile pesa Ruto ametengeneza, I can bet my left nut that he’s the richest VP in the world and in history…

You didn’t hear the loud noise ‘2022’ being shouted during inauguration. Hehehhe

Luos And NASA must be ruled by WSR. Prepare lube

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WSR Ndani kabisa,

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President Uhuru has no such power in the Jubilee stronghold of Mt Kenya so he cannot try to impose anybody in the region. The people in that region tend to be independent thinkers as can be seen how they removed most of the incumbents from 2013-2017. Nyeri county removed some heavy weights akina Priscilla Nyokabi and
James Ndungu Gethenji.
Some politicians who are loved media were rejected kama PK and Martha Karua.
It’s a good thing and a bad thing that Uhuru has no such powers. For Ruto it’s good because he just have to do the right thing na atapata. He has fought alongside Mt Kenya people and proven an asset. He has plenty if value.
Gideon Moi is a stranger in Mt Kenya regions. He hasn’t fought any battles alongside Mt Kenya people so he has a long way to go.
DP Ruto is the man