Successful Relationships

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Mbwa umelemewa, muguruki uyu

Sometimes I envy some of our elders marriages. Their wives are so submissive. The husband is trayed like the king of the house. Akitoka job maji moto inanmgoja etc. But these modern relationships, both husband and wife are the heads of the family, ata ukisahau simu hapo nnje mtu hawezi kuendea, anakwambia umeaccha nnje.

Our fathers were very different from the men we have nowadays. Our fathers were men who could turn water into wine and get milk out of a stone. That’s why the wife and the kids even grown kids worshipped them. Human beings know gods. The men we have nowadays can not hold a candle to our fathers. That’s where the problem is. You can’t expect respect just for having a penis. You have to be a higher level than the people that you expect respect from. You can not demand respect when you are not exemplary. That’s why you need mgtow and red peel manipulation tactics to get respect from women bcz you don’t deserve so you must dupe and manipulate women into respecting you. How tragic is that? You are no different than the conman who doesn’t want to work for an honest living so he learns how to con money out of people.

So you are actually a woman

Is that a crime nowadays? You say it like it’s a crime. With contempt. Why do you people hate women? Who hurt you and why are you so bitter towards women? Anyway pick a ticket and join the queue.

We are not clicking to watch

Woiye. She’s got some damn good insights.

Watching the video I can say that what really matters in a relationship is that people are compatible in character and truly love each other.
Indeed, in time, love will disappear and will remain only with respect to each other and that is what matters.
For this reason, many couples I know have checked in time on the twin flame numbers guide if it is worth trying to have a relationship and so precisely make sure if everything will be ok.

I totally agree with you.