Suburu Mechanics must me smiling

What damage does this do to the engine.

Hii watu ni washenzi, its time there be a crackdown on those things and the nduthi vinyambis making noise on our roads.

baiskeli inakupelekaje??

Baiskeli ya nyanyako.


Wewe pia una ufala, getting to think about it. whats funny about riding a bike… nugu inacheka na ni mtu ya footsubishi.

It’s a funny comment in the circumstances, wacha feelings mjamaa

If i was in my feelings, i would have told that know it all talking about bike hapo juu.About my 3rides, the off-road, the sunday to church and the weekly ride to my hustle.

Poverty, is that you?


Peweni dose wivu ipungue:D

Hehehe … majamaa si mkona ufala

Still waiting on someone to answer OP question. Wengi wameongea hapa ni peasants hawana cha kusema kazi ni kukojolea thread.

Asante Village Elder

No damage. Just wastage of unburnt fuel due to silly modifications

Shalluup… M4 na SC project proud farters tukae wapi?

Feelings pelekea nyanyako

Just manipulating back pressure and unburnt fuel

But if you fukc the damn tailpipe like they do, hio ni nuks

Any input from your end mujamaa?

Nope. Sijui story za modifications