Subsidised Unga packaged in March & the billionaire millers who imported 'Mexican' maize

How stupid do these Cartels think Kenyans are?

And, which stupid Kenyan can’t see beyond this gimmick?

Kwetu ni Kiambu, nakula ugali ya kusaga, I grow my own maize but still hii gava imenichosha. Instead of craeting jobs and food security, billions are benefitting Mohammeds! Soma hii:
[SIZE=6]Billionaire millers who shipped maize to Mombasa unmasked [/SIZE]

Holbud, then, was allocated 1 million bags — which it sold to Zimbabwe — after then-Permanent Secretary for Agriculture Shem Migot-Adholla ordered the sale “to offset NCPB’s debt to farmers”.

Hehehehehe, nusu-mkate shenanigans.

Jigranny unasumbua

New villagers!
By the way, how many of these
types of handles have been registered and discarded along the way in this year alone?

Sasa shida iko wapi???

Many will not understand your problem with cheap unga…

Kama strategy ya campaign imeharibika go back to the drawing board.

huyu ni coldpilsner aka kaswende. Majamaa wamepigwa 10 nil bado hawajaamini

What’s the progress of their unga revolution campaign or it has become another dead hair brained babuon scheme?

Kiambu wapi Jirani?

He probably typed kogelo halafu infinix ikaautocorrect to Kiambu…

Anza kijiji chako we won’t come looking for you…

Hapo kwa chief… Pitia upewe kachai

Oh yes he did! You’re such a genius!

Keyno! Wokua!

Ohhh my gaaaaaadd…thank you…