Subaru & Toyota Merger. The latest.


That’s no merger fool

Pewa gangsta points thatee kwa account yangu janjess…senj

Thanks. Moving on swiftly…

The thought of a hybrid Subaru is repugnant to us purists. A Subaru has to be a manual turbo charged flat four na mlango nusu. Hio ingine ni upuss ya wanaume huvaa kamisi.

It has been done long time ago this Toyo Subaru are crap

Subaru is fast losing its enthusiast heritage in a bid for market share…even the turbos had their manifolds adjusted, so they dont make as much power, are not as highly modifiable and don’t last as long, let them merge with toyota, at this point the difference is little

Good I still have my EJ20. Wacha nitafute pesa ninunue EJ25 before zikue hot cake.