Subaru Outback

Talkers saidieni.
A friend tells me that an outback on eco mode is way more fuel efficient than a Forester. Aliquote at alienda 300km on 2000 Bob worth ngata.
I’m looking to buy a Subaru. Other than the legroom at the back of an outback being great while ya Forester ni bure.
Is the 2500 cc on eco mode that efficient?
Also naona zingine zimeandikwa 2.5i. hiyo ndio nini?


It’s very possible but 2k is how many litres? Around 20. 300/20 we’re looking at 15 km/l.

Prior to mapping I was doing 12-15 km/l. After I think I’m doing around 6-9 km/l.

My car doesn’t have those fancy intelligent things that help you as a driver. So I think he’s telling the truth; assuming he’s driving with a light foot over a long distance.


c’mon guys info needed…I wanna learn too

Honestly mimi na fuel efficiency i gave up. Mi bora ngata ikaribie kuisha najaza. Sijui ni my driving habits or nini… my motis consume alot of fuel

But i think kudrive with your mind on fuel consumption ni torture saaaaaaana

Just drive

Gari ni bibi. Ikidai unaipa


I give up on conversations zenye someone decides to buy a car due to fuel consumption.

Ukipenda gari fulani ibuy.

Unasave doh on fuel then u blow it up on hawara na umevaa cd


That’s based on one incident only with w skewed metric…what if you applied the same driving style on a forester along the same distance??? Would that argument hold water

I don’t know why I presume people who call fuel ngata are from a certain class!, they complain seriously…maybe it’s just me. Gari ni kujaza mafuta na kusonga.

Lakini nunua outback subaru.


Saa ingine it’s good to get first hand advice from people.
Fuel Ni recurrent expenditure. If I get a car with almost similar driving experience which won’t hurt my pocket sana then Ni mzuri you make the consideration.
Plus saa ingine you just need a nudge to justify making some decisions.

Mapping ndio nini mkubwa? Pardon my ignorance

Tweaking the ecu to gain more power

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@introvert iko watu wanendesha vitu za below 5700cc na wanasema wana gari :D:D:D


Nimeokoka. Sisumbui kutoka last week.


Which car?when gari ime zeeka it tends kukunywa mingi. Regular service na sanasana plugs nunua original. 6-9km/l it ought to be town service not kwa highway

Siri ni moja tu,For the best fuel efficiency, keep your RPMs between 1. 5 and 2.0 RPM when driving at a constant speed. Whenever possible, try to avoid hard or sudden acceleration to high speeds so that you prevent your engine from damage caused by over-revving.
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Get the outback. With bigger engines, you get more power hence no need to rev hard to get to your desired speed. Experienced that with a 2700 cc Discovery 3 whose fuel bills were lower compared to my 2.0 Subaru legacy. Was also surprised to see the same trend with a 3.2 touareg.


It appears like your most important quality in a car is fuel economy. This disqualifies you from buying a subaru…just buy a toyota ama a hybrid honda


1000cc will do for you,fuel consumption is low.Naona umeteta sana na ngata.

Engui acha kusumbua na hiyo futsubishi

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Gari ni service ! Ata uliza @introvert

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Kwani jingcheng yako iko na 6000cc? Shenj.