Subaru Outback Diesel 2L

I am thinking of buying a subaru outback 2L Diesel.
Anyone who has this car, what is your review?

I hear outbacks are always thirsty, not sure if this applies to both Petrol and Diesel. What I know is that it is ranked higher than its counterpart Forester

The consumption of 2L diesel is waay down than the 2.5L petrol.
The question is the serviceability of this engine here in Kenya.

Subaru groups on Facebook are best bet to help you, diesel in Kenya is “dirty” so look for stations with high turnover of diesel. Total station is always preferred.

For diesel just service it regularly. Air, fuel, oil filter. Once is a month or 2 months unaipeleka long distance kuifungua (removing clog) after weeks of sitting in the jam

EE20 ina mashida mingi

Subaru diesel is sh*t. Torque hakuna. You have to rev it hard. Unusual for diesel engines

Subaru announced it was discontinuing its diesel engines on sept 2017 due to failure to meet WLTP standards and this has already happened in both Europe and Australia where they were being manufactured. Support in this part of the world may be hard to come by bearing in mind the diesel versions are not common. However you can talk to Subaru they know better. But note some manufacturers such as Hyundai and Kia warned about importing their diesel cars due to quality issues of our diesel. Subaru parts are said to be expensive yet they are widely available now imagine Subaru parts for diesel engines that are already discontinued in addition to how frequent you need to service them.

High on torque but low on horsepower. Have driven an ex-UK forester with the same engine and the experience is OK. Your only pain will be finding parts and experienced mechanics since the engine is rare and the local bonobos have no experience working on them.
For parts, your options are too limited such that you will have to import them yourself on most occasions if not all. Local shops mainly stock petrol variants.
Expect clogged injectors leading to loss of power and constant stutter as wont with most diesels but nothing catastrophic. However, you have to unbolt and lift the engine slightly to access them in order to clean. Nimechoka kutype.