Subaru Legacy Noises

My 2013 Legacy (imported 2018) has developed strange noises coming from under the front part of the car, probably the transmission. I say probably because several mechanics have been unable to pinpoint the noise source.

It’s a whining noise during acceleration (from around 70kph) and deceleration (from around 110kph). Online enquiries suggested I change CVT and diff fluids. I did both but noise persists.

Any similar experience?

Have you looked at the timing belt. From your description , inakaa timing belt imechapa. What is the mileage?
Another thing to look at ni meno ya starter mahali inakutana na flywheel. Have someone look at the starter. Good luck.

I think jm baraza once answered that question by pointing out that it must be from the power steering rack, ebu check from his posts on daily nation

Badilisha gearbox. Na driving shafts

Iko na timing chain. Does it also need replacement?

2018 ulikuwa unanunua gari ya 2013 kwanini, si hapo ulitupa pesa by paying several hundred thousand more na gari ni mkebe. Mtu alinunua ya 2011 bado anaendesha bila mashida. Anyway pole kwa masaibu

It could be as simple as worn out belts

Check gear box oil level.ikiwa chini inatowanga winning sound

While at it, check whether the alternator, tensioner and ac pulleys, and their belts, are Ok. Once a pulley wears out it can also wobble and whine at high speed, though it it may appear OK from a casual inspection and give you a headache to figure it out. Also, make sure the tension is right–no slipping, and not too tight.

Any codes from obd diagnostics


Timing belt ikichapa utajua tu, sio weird noises. Plus new models ni chain sasa, so inalast forever

Kama haujasaidika kuna mtu wa jua kali anaeza kusaidia? Mtu wangu wa Subaru pale Kariokor. He is well known kwa Subaru cycles, anaitwa Saka.

This was very helpful, asante sana. I checked all 8 pulleys, turned out all 3 idler pulleys had bad bearings. I changed them today and will do a test drive soon to make sure shida ilikuwa hapo.

No codes at all. Acha nitest drive after changing the pulleys alafu tuone.

Asante sana for the offer. Will let you know after the test drive.

Sawa bwana. Thanks fo feedback. It happened to me once, the tensioner pulley was cracked and wobbly, and it took me a while to discover it. So I learned the hard way. All the best man.