Subaru Forester vs Mitsubishi Outlander

Subaru has better workmanship. IMO

Mitsubishi has 7 seats…

The forester beats the outlander on reliability and longevity

Subaru forester is just another doyota

The outlander is super slow

I don’t know if newer has a roadest version, roadest was powerful with a 3000cc, 6 cylinder engine

You are trolling, right?

Subaru forester any day of the week.

Subaru. Friend has a new shape forester and it’s such a beautiful ride.

What of consumption my friend? Sisi kama ma low income earners wacha tustick kwa succed na probox

Wewe bado jua Toyota nanunua Subaru na pia iyo new model ya Subaru model na rav 4 natengenesewa mahala moja

You are stating facts but out of context that is why I asked if it is just trolling.

Forester’s AWD system is superior to the Outlanders