Sub the Government!

Hey cretins . Kuna mtu anafeel hii gava inalet kenya down

This leadership is the root of unemployment and corruption.

So lazma tupatie Gava Red Card" ! wangapi wako na mimi


‘Sub the government’, with a red card? Smh…


Didn’t you have the chance to do so last September?


Which tribe are you?

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Has the Government put policies in place to spur development and therefore employment?
Have you done your bit to create employment?
Have the Counties engaged in employment activities? And to what extent?

He’s right you know. But only Sonko and WSR will solve the situation in 2022

Jiamini na uta faulu.

make your money na ukiweza avoid paying taxes. we don’t have a government. ma amateur thieves na polishitians ndio wamejaa huko

i did but what they always say… Kirichoibiwo sio kyako

Everybody wants to be a mbirronaire
The ones that are worked real hard
The ‘others’ didnt n most r corrupt, lazy and still blame the government
Who should be subbed here …you or the government?


your rep refused to contest

Usijali…raila ashajenga statehouse kisumu na ashatengeneza cabinet. Kitu tu amekosa ni parliament buildings.

If you are looking for work with no experience after studies you will get my point

mliambiwa vizuri na uhuru either you enroll for attachment or internships or get funds to start a biz

Tena ni red card. Si resist?

In layman terms he is simply saying he doesnt have a solution to unemployment

In laymans term for you to get employed you need training thats what internships and attachments are for …when you start your own company you will get my point