Sub Sahara Needs To Contract The Japanese To Manage Their Countries For 40 Years, Its The Only Way To Learn

If they built Hiroshima from this in 1945


to this in 1985. The Japanese are obsessed with cleanliness (Shintonism) There is even fish that live in Cities’ water ways, yet nobody steals the fish. nairobi river would look like this in just 1 year



Then Kibera, Mathare and entire countries are a walk in the park. Left to the Negroes the situation will only get worse.

This is normal for Africans


Slum tourism

We need a Japanese President, DP and ministers to head ALL Sub Sahara Africa for 40 years uone tukijenga Rockets by 2060, African Space Program.

We have to get there ourselves by learning from other countries, not getting them to rule over us. If you get foreigners to do these things for you it may succeed, but once they leave we will revert right back to where we were before.

A person who cannot manage his own city does not deserve a well managed city. They should not do what you have said. They should live in their shitholes without kupiga kelele

You know in 40 years hii generation yote ya kutoka 1980 backwards watakuwa wamekufa wote. Generation za 1990s na 2000s hawana ukabila. Fossils kama akina Ojinga watakuwa already wamekua Diesel.

Why not start by implementing just 20 percent of the Nairobi masterplan given to us by JICA. Hio tu. A vast majority of Nairobians live in worse conditions than animals.

problem with kenya is everything is left to GOD… Good health? omba mungu, good leadership? despot was anointed, a happy life? we were born to suffer, mbinguni ndo kwetu… the stupidity is beyond measure

Ban religion and any belief in any other supreme being apart from yourself. That’s the only way Africans will lay their destiny in their hands and not to a supreme being.


The captain’s of industry and the people who made America and China what it is today were believers.

Hata si 40 years, I think that wanafaa kupewa job permanently ya kumanage anywhere kwenye kuna waafrika. Halafu Sisi tupatange Tu tokens.

Who else have they managed?
All I know is of The genocides they perpetrated against the chinese and the koreans when they had occupied their land.

Not parasitic owners of capital?

The Asian tigers are not religious. My point was we have a tendency of accepting fate as the will of a supreme being and hence do nothing to mitigate.

Perhaps we need to start by dis-integrating bonobos. Mt Kenya people are very progressive, which is why they are responsible for over 65% of the GDP…

Perennial complainers come from communities that produce virtually nothing…

Guks niaje? I am still childless btw, please put up a congratulatory post recognizing my foward-thinkingness amidsts monkeys and bonobos like @Ndindu and @kush yule mnono who have a dozen bonobolets between them

Si mtengeneze nchi yenyu mtuwache

Congratulations son. However, we need the intelligent ones like you to have two or three children, even outside wedlock, to raise the average IQ. Tukiwachia akina Bukusu wazae tutakuwa real nugus in a few years…

You know I have spoken the truth. Without the Kikuyus (Gikuyu, Meru, Embu, Tharaka, Mbeere), the Kalenjin and the Kisiiis this country would be poorer than Central Africa Republic…sasa what do Turkanas produce for example?