Stupid Motherfuckin Traffic Police!

Kuma nilipata…nitaleta hekaya

And then?

Jaro Soja I despise such drivers. Driving school I remember this was emphasized sana, entering the roundabout on the correct lane.

Ati driving school?

Driving school ni ya peasants.

haiya kumbe! I learn something new every day

True…sikukataa makosa…ni vile we haggled over 5k for such a damn loooong time we both wasted each others time…ended up giving the guy 500 after wasting a whole morning and nearly missing my appointment!

I thought so too.

you’d be shocked at how little the court fine is. that he wanted 5k for a petty offence like that is hilarious. inakaa end month ishaafika.

If you value your time you will do all you can to avoid the court process.
The cops know that and that’s the reason many Kenyans take the easier option and bribe their way out.
If the courts were efficient many morally upright Kenyans would gladly show the cops the middle finger and tell them tukutane kortini.

jaro soja reta fotos as promised

well, you’re right no doubt. convenience costs money. that price is individual.
i would suggest kenyans become aware of the court fines, then when it comes kuongea, toa much much less. like how you reduced 5k to “5 reds”

Kwani walianza kuhanda watu wa black mamba?

Ouch ouchhhh

hii ni sweep.

Imagine bana hehehe…but what i have realised…its better to deal with the older cops than these vijana…