Stupid Mods

Yes, am referring to all of you, because nyote mmefuata umama ya Deorro. So, jana someone says am Bingwa, mwingine akasema mimi ni Aviator, mwingine akasema mimi ni Wakanyama, and what does the stupid shit in your heads tell you? Nyongea huyu jamaa bandwidth. Kama hamuamini oneni hii.

And I have confirmed it is not my net coz my other handle (which you arse-whores will never know) is working perfectly.

Sasa fanyeni hivi, nipigeni sweep proper. Ban me. Its either am in or am out, hii upuss ya kinitesa bure siwezani. Kama ulifirwa mcoodo ukafikiria ni thagichu amekufira ulikosea, enda ukatafute ni nani.

And as you may have guessed by now, I do not give a shit about your feelings or thoughts on me. Go drying matapakas.


:D:D:D:D:D:D @aviator niko nyuma yako sanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

wewe @Kihii Kiaganu aka @aviator toa uchokoraa hapa…sisi ni wazee na heshima zetu.

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3 and a half minutes o_O



JInga type hizi upuss zako peleka mbali

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Stupid mods can’t even pull down the thread.



You mentioned me in your sh.i.t thread yesterday, I know you are still smarting from this

You’ve been reeling ever since - as predicted by dozens. But bro, get over it. It is only in your mind.


For a successful sweeps thread (one that actually has the village participating instead of 7 pages of same three understimulated attention junkies boring us all to death) you gotta have (a) A brain (b) Do it for the benefit of the village not for mere notoriety. Unfortunately that is expecting too much from you yet again.

For pointers look at my legendary dumbo-buster from Aug 2016. Where Kenyatalk paperweights & heavyweights & elites took part widely.

Anyways kuwa na siku njema na usubiri equator hivi karibuni.

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Mbiches on periods are not allowed in this thread.

@Horus jitoe ya amani.

One of my handles also acts that way but am the least bothered. Sometimes I like to believe it isn’t something deliberate since it only happens when am using a phone.


mathighs siku moja uta confuse utombe hii handle yako

No loss, I create another 10 ala Bingwa.

si ukuwe na moja tu kama the great navy seal

He, he, no talker who knows your reputation can believe that, your handles are littered all over here.

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It is deliberate @Ole_Wenu. Its the work of these stupid mods. How comes my handles misbehave only after a fight with a certain mod, or someone insinuates that am that mod’s archenemy?

Anyway, my other handle is working well, so no worry.

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Deorro is the best mod sijui unapigananga na yeye nini

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Aviator hawezi tulia. Ukirudi lazima uchoche vitu like you own the place. This is the tenth time you are telling us of how Ktalk doesn’t matter to you yet you are still here

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