Stupid low IQ cows who listen to Harmonize, Rayvanny, Zunju and other Bongolalas

I hate guys especially men who are religiously hooked to this childish music. I can excuse high school girls but not any other group of people. Yesterday I was in a restaurant and this guy in his thirties was singing along one such song. Felt like insulting him

continue hating.

Umama mijingaaa

Hate is not a bad thing altogether. Actually the Bible tells us to hate sin

Kuna some trash played on air by some rachet radio stations, Kina Angela Angela, unakuja juu pooh na ingine hapo sijui inakuanga ya TZ? KwiKwiKwi. How is that music by any definition?

It only appeals to low IQ monkeys like Ngimanene na mharo

How did you know he was in his 30s?

I can tell your age from very far my friend. Even if you have youthful deceptive looks like Kalonzo or Gafana Mutua

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I tend to imagine, who ever listen to that bongo has a problem with English sung in other types of music.
They watch Swahili drama films and Dj. Afro shit due to lack of comprehension in English movies too.
Go do your research guys.

Kuna majamaa huskiza ngoma za ufala sana. Anasimamisha gari mtaani kukuuliza direction akiteremsha dirisha unaskia sijui DJ mgani akichachisha. Unakatsika yako yote unasikia umuwekelee ngumi ya meno through the window awache ujinga.

Shida iko wapi? Listen to what touches your soul. I personally like Ali Kiba’s music very much, huyo ata concert yake nimeenda.

Utasubiri sana tuache kumsikiza msito Diamond Platinumz. Uuumbwa.

The beats are good. Really good. I am currently loving this beat…tho unrelated…


This is Kenyan tho

Mimi napenda zile mbega za wajaruo ,utapata natigisha bones like @Jimit shaking his foreskin in morning kutoa segments and soil

Ndio maana nilisema not related. I was too lazy to expound on the beatz manenos…which is one of the reasons we gravitate towards Bongo music.

Si utuletee Kenyan music hapa…

Kenyan music happens to be chokosh music, pirated black Americans, pirated Hollywood, pirated bongo, pirated naija.

Bongo ni swafi. It’s reason it’s getting hits all over!

Bongo is mostly more civilized/human than Kenyan variety.

Kenyan ethnic music is better than swahili, English, or Sheng/chokosh versions.

Me I can’t tell Bongo music and musicians apart. They all have the same beat and sing the with the same simping voice! They all sound like Diamond!