Stupid Kenyans

Imagine them agreeing for a referendum that shall cost KSh 14 billion 2021 and then KSh 40 billion 2022 in the name of BBI which Kenyans stand nothing to benefit economically and politically. Anyone supporting BBI enyewe is a daft

What is it in the BBI that will deliver miracle that 2010 constitution has not delivered or failed to do? You mean adding 70 more mps prime Minister and two deputies, emasculating Judiciary through Ombudsman and making Matiangi a commander of police

I cannot be fooled twice… I supported 2010 but this God willing I am alive I shall wake up to vote NO irregardless of who supports it… USELESS AMENDMENTS

Were are tired of being misruled by two tribes. Viva BBI.

I’m embarassed for you

Expound if you may?

Our leadership problems have nothing to do with the tribe of those elected. It is our collective choices that continue to shaft us. BBI or no BBI, if we continue to elect incompetent reps across the board, tutazidi kuwa shafted
This BBI thing is bad bad bad for our country. Angalia 10, 20 years from now. How do you think failed states begin?
Hizo vitu wanasuggest hapo are either selfish, or smokescreens, considering kuna existing avenues we can use to achieve them

True but the control of resources is heavily weighted to the tribe in office. I am not really a champion for constitutional changes to fix administrative issues. But we have to do something to uplift marginalized tribes. And give other tribes a chance at the highest office. BBI is the only thing that everyone can listen to with that regard because chances are every other means will be ignored. See how they ignored gender rules inspite court orders until the CJ caught them off guard. The problem is the BBI is being used to solve other issues and so that clouds the original intent.

Where does the BBI chieth prevent the “two tribes” from extending their chokehold on Kenyan politics? Show me and let’s start from there. By the way, it’s more possible for a Kikuyu to hold the proposed PM position than a Luhya if the names being bandied around are true. And don’t forget that some of the people proposing the passing of the BBI are Kikuyu mafia. Be objective my friend and stop reasoning like a kid.

Kikuyu will always have a higher probability in any mechanism involved. However a good idea is to give the minority tribes a chance. Right now they don’t have that. Whether or not BBI will achieve this is a different discussion. Kikuyu mafia know their time is coming to an end and they will lose grip. So they will jump into any opportunity to extend their tenure.

(Post imekuwa mrefu sana but bear with me)

You raise good points, lakini, aren’t those the very same issues that devolution intends to address? I remember a piece a while back by someone who claimed that the national government is desperately trying to remain relevant by competing with county governments. That ought to stop. We should ensure adequate resources are channeled to counties cause huko ndio impact iko. You don’t need BBI for that.

Corruption pia is a serious impediment to the country’s chance of achieving the things you mention. You don’t need BBI to fix corruption.

Finally, remember how the BBI came about. It had nothing to do with you and I. Our interests were not the trigger, nor the motivator. Hapa ni political class wanajipanga. If Raila had conceded defeat, hatungekuwa hapa tukiforceiwa BBI chieth.

Alafu, If NASA had had 20 key figures at the time of the handchieth, would we have been looking at a BBI that proposes deputies to deputies of deputies of their deputies to (promote national unity) accommodate politicians?

BBI will not improve the odds of a Maragoli or a Kamba winning if the wananchi don’t vote for them. This is a democracy and there’ll always be a loser and a winner. There is no point, or logic, to massaging the ego of a loser by appointing them to a useless office and expand the country’s already unsustainable wage bill. Kwanza hio pesa ya kuwalipa itatoka wapi?

No wonder they are pushing for an uncontested process. Wanajua haitapita ikikuja kwa wananchi as is.

You saw how useless the legislators are. Wakiimba happy birthday and heckling Ruto. Those people are certified fools and sycophants. Huko kwa Sex and Relationships tungesema they are simping for Uhuru. Tungewaita Betachieth. Usingoje waelevate our concerns as citizens. Wao wako dunia ingine. BBISiMuhimu

Hio kitu sisomi na sitaki kujuwa ina sema nini as long as they are adding new positions na vote NO hata kama ita kuwa rigged !

Mimi ii siwezi pigia kura even at gun point…
a man got to have some code banae, I gladly take the bullet

Hush hush Shifo. Don’t squeal the beans. Anything with Murathe’s stamp on it should be rejected by any sane person. Add in Uhuru. Power remains in Mt Kenya if the grapevine is to be believed. Ni hayo for now.

Don’t be dumb. BBI is not about your tiny ethnic group. It’s about politicians’ and their interests.

that is a hog living in ‘states’

How will BBI solve that problem?

It was not brought because Raila did not concede defeat it was brought because Uhuru and Ruto used two tribes to win elections. This meant that the other tribes were automatically for Raila. the tyranny of numbers strategy was very poor and that is why Ruto has started hustler movement because he knows winning with two tribes will leave him vulnerable

It’s also possible that Ruto has seen the perils of tyranny chieth. Sahii we should focus on empowering devolution through every means possible. Hii tyranny chieth ilifaa kukufa na the previous national system of governance. Sioni how a president benefits a tribe if the region’s governors and their aides are crooks or bonobos.

Hata kukiwekwa reps wa each tribe kwa executive office nothing will change.
Ni kama ile position ya women rep. Bado violence against women iko rampant. Bado maternal deaths and complications ziko rife. Bado kuna tribes zinapractice FGM. etc etc. Hio post sijui imesaidia aje. I could be wrong tho.

obviously Ruto saw how their strategy allowed Raila to bulldoze his way in government. Devolution is the way forward at least the tribes get the power where it matters most in their home counties and not in Nairobi
The women rep position needs to be restructured at the moment it is not working but generally the entire parliament is not working

So you agree hio BBI ni upuzi mtupu?