Stupid Graduate Turns Down Job Offer After Recently Begging On TV For A Job

A case of Low [SIZE=5][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Social Intelligence[/SIZE]

High IQ is important but so are Emotional Quotient (EQ) and SI

These are the types of fvckholes that we are dealing with these days.

Ngombe ilimaliza shule ikapata As na uni akapata First class but reality Kwa ground nobody gives a rats ass about your As.

Jamaa amekuwa jobless for years then just when opportunity knocks mbwa inakataa job eti Kwa sababu pay ni peanuts.

Aende afungue company yake akuwe CEO kama Zuckerberg. Today’s youth want to start climbing the ladder from the top.


Mungai, who has not secured an employment opportunity for over three years, made headlines after his plight was aired on Citizen TV in October 2022.

The graduate highlighted his struggles and frustrations in the job market, hoping to secure an internship or a job opportunity.

Taking to his LinkedIn platform, the graduate has in the past shared his experiences in pursuit of a job opportunity- highlighting his encounters with various CEOs during the interview stage.

His latest post entailed the graduate rejecting a job offer from a CEO over the low salary scale - which he termed peanuts. This, however, elicited a debate from various experts who gave their two cents on the matter.

Sam Mutuku, Head of Operations at Techhub College of Business and Technology, advised the graduate to lower his ego and take any available opportunity to build his portfolio.

“You also need to lower your ego and take any available job and build yourself upwards,” he stated.

This was corroborated by Ted Malanda, Associate Editor, Standard Media Group, who listed key influential figures from humble backgrounds to rise to the epitome of their respective industries.

“Bro, you’re not entitled to anything. Why do you want to always express your failures on LinkedIn? If you were rejected, work on your flaws without informing the LinkedIn family. Men, fight battles without necessarily publicising. Don’t always sensationalise your tribulations. Be a stoic man!” he intimated. Vincent Mutua, Technical director at GAD Consulting Limited, highlighted that Muguai’s experience

Nowadays CEO’s wako idle ivo hadi wako na time ya kuongea na mtu kama huyo?

@Ndindu ni bonobo meffi sana… takataka

labda izo peanuts ilikuwa 10k p/m alafu mtu akufanyishe job ya professa…

Atachapwa na shida mpaka ukimpea opportunity ya watchie ( @uwesmake ) akumbali mbio vile @poyoloko ukumbali maneno yote ya hio ng’ombe ya kwift

He deserves nothing hata kazi ya watchy ,pride is the mother and father of all vices a man can have.

Most do internships for much less then they network while inside the company and after a year or two career takes off anakula pesa mwenda.

Opportunities come up every now and then within the ranks of a company and the first to be considered are qualified employees before hunting for a completely new person.

Huyu jamaa angechua hako kakazi akuwe technician even though yeye ni engineer, in the course of his fieldworks atapatana na mandonga wengine Kwa site na atapata job kubwa sana but he is silly and entitled.

I got my first contract to wire up a 5 floor building by sheer luck back the early 2000s. My small briefcase company back then was only supposed to lay cable conduits (pipes) inside concrete formwork but ended up doing the entire wiring. Those who were supposed to do the job had taken up too many sites and couldn’t service them all.

Mtu amepata first class inafaa apate kazi immediately. It’s a sign of our backwardness huku Bonobostan that such a person can even be jobless.


stupid young man. Atazeeka tu…ajue ujana ni moshi.

Mmejam bana! Hehehehehehe

He looks like a very troublesome employee and an unreasonable business partner. Angekataa hiyo job kama amenyamaza. Si kutangazia kila mtu vile aliofferiwa peanuts. What a cry baby. Huyu you should touch with a ten foot pole.

Kazi yoyote inakulisha kama mwanaume usiskie aibu…many many men wamelishwa na kazi za kimalamala…lakini bora ni legit na wewe unakula jasho yako…nothing is permanent…

shida ni kujicompare na sijui nani ako na six figure na moti…na wewe uko kwa mhindi na 7K…unapenda mat…people take different paths in life…mwanaume kujipata depression Kisha jela na Uwizi ni rahisi sababu ya pressure za upuzi…kijana angedunga kazi as he looks for more opportunities…

Maisha ni yake…kama haneed hio 10K…ni sawa pia…si lazima utumiwe live pia…Bora uingie ukulima…tech has changed so much…ka quarter acre can pay you ukiingia pale utube ujionee technologies za kulima

Hata Mimi ni CEO na Niko na time ya kuongeza na nyinyi hapa

Mkamba mjinga nitakupiga blows