Stupid Creatonism

Did Adam and Eve have navels.? And if yes, what were they for?
If we are from the same source, why isn’t there a single race in the world? Or at least why can’t a pure blacks give forth to a pure white

the real adam and eve was a bacteria 3 billion yrs ago. But no story for them is there…?

Also the egg came a few hundrend million yrs before the chicken

What do you mean no story for them. Umesoma all books on evolution? Kama kitabu inakusumbua kuna free audio books hadi YouTube

The egg came a few hundred years before the chicken? Meffi. The hormones needed to combine the egg is only found in a chicken and it’s useless if the chicken isn’t fucked by a cock.

The black woman’s chromosome carries all variations of melanin. With the high population, combination of chromosomes resulted in different sub species that idiots call race.

You must have skipped some biology classes in high school. Variations do occur within species hence the races. Backward evolution explains why some people think one race should be superior to the other