Stupid comment of the week award

And the award goes to @karema-hitI

That’s basically like saying there’s no difference between a man’s tongue and a woman’s tongue so he can get a blow job from say, @mache or @junkie or @uwesmake. It’s a super weird assertion.

Meant to type ferking difference in my earlier reply.

Lakini if you are blindfolded kweli will you know whether the bj is from a mans mouth?? Ama the ass your ferking is a chics? hehe

And now since I presume that you do get BJs from gals, would you let another man give you a BJ because they feel the same? Point is you can’t use the premise that a man fucks a gal in the ass to conclude he’s gay because you think that the woman’s ass and man’s ass feel the same!

(And I believe this thread takes the award of being the lamest thread of the week. )

Ok gents…carry on with the sword fight.:slight_smile:

You 2 get a room ,tokeni kwa hio kabati bila kelele mingi , leo ni siku ya wapendanao !!

@Bingwa Scrotum tell us the difference

I think one must have a mental issue to date a fellow man… It repulses me.

This is a sausage fight

In homosexual sex, one knows exactly what the other person is feeling, so one identifies with the other person completely. In heterosexual sex, one has no idea what the other person is feeling.