Stupid Car Modifications!

If you have any of these in your motor vehicle, wewe ni ngombe.

  1. Blinking Brake Lights - Washenzi waliona vile Formula One cars brake lights blink, wakaona waeke kwa jalopy zao. Bure kabisa.

  2. Kashimo kwa Tinted Windows ya Kuangalia side Mirror.- Shenzi, kama huwezani dark tints, put a lighter tint

  3. FBI lights- Washenzi with four wheelers especially V8’s decided to put those blinking red and blue lights ndio wajifanye VIPs and overlap carelessly. Kondoo nyinyi

  4. Extremely Powerful LED foglights- Washenzi wa probox/hilux wameamua kuchoma kila mtu kwa barabara na mataa fit to light a stadium. Muthiti!

  5. Subwoofers kwa boot- Since the boot is enclosed, they have to put high volume ndio waskie bass. The car ends up rattling kama lorry ya 1960. Mnunue station wagon washenzi nyinyi.

  6. Red Coloured Headlights- Wajinga wengine wameamua kueka bulb/tint za Red on their headlights kama paradiso na zamzam, usiku utadhani ni gari inaenda, kumbe ni kukuja inakakuja. Mnahitaji viboko ghaseer!

  7. Sticker ya Johnie Walker - Ata kama wewe ni mlevi, you just expose your stupidity declaring you are a drunkard to everyone on the road. Meffi, eka sticker ya Kenya cane/konyagi basi because we know thats what you drink usually.

  8. Silver Military Spade- Hii mwiko nikiona kwa gari yako especially pickups, najua tu wewe ni mshamba ulipata pesa juzi, akili bado haijakomaa.

  9. Snake lights on Car Drums- Ati sasa umeamua tuone rims zako usiku juu umeeka mataa kwa miguu kama nduthi? You need serious slaps my Friend.

  10. Shark Fin Aerials- Shark fin Antennas are only designed for high end cars, to be specific BMW and Mercedes. Sasa ukieka sharkfin kwa Nissan note ama probox, mnajua mnakasirisha mungu tu bure?

Feel Free to add more, ama ujitetetee mbona umeeka hizi ujinga ziko hapa juu kwa gari yako :D:D:D:D:D


11.Bullet like wheel nuts
12.After market mud guards kwanza zile zinafagia chini.
13. Many antennas
14.Sticker ya bible verse (Anointed, Blessings, God’s miracle… , Dakar Rally logo ama charity race.
15. Fake exhaust pipes
16. Snorkel kwa gari haistahili.
17. Fluffy carpet kwa dashboard

No 11 kuweka muffler kwa vitz,note,wingroad,raum, ati ndio igurume Kama Subaru washienzi hao watafute pesa wanunue Subaru

How did I miss this???:D:D:D

@JM. Pombe I have seen these things kwa matatus, what are they? Im guessing they are for towing. Mafala wengine washaanza kuzieka kwa personal cars, they look stupid.


Mkamba tulia :D:D:D
But basically agree with you on almost all.

Hako ka-spade hu-represent nini juu mi pia hushangaa.

There was once they put a spade on the van of a surfer back in the Pimp My Ride days. It was a very funny segment and I have a hunch that the practice went viral from there


Watu wa Mercedes kuweka label za AMG fake.

18.Kuweka spacer kwa gari mpaka inakaa ni kama ina tip toe

Kuweka flag

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Kuna zingine ziko hadi mbele. Been wondering ni nini.

Hurepresent Ukamba.

Strange number plates beside the legal one.
Probox kuwekwa that long aerial with a katennis ball.

A spade is a must if you are going offroad or on muddy roads. Helps kutoa gari kwa matope/sand/snow and also changing tires - if the jack doesnt give you enough clearance to remove the wheel, unachibua below the tire. Infact you should also have an axe to clear any fallen trees or branches on your path.;0.182xw,0&resize=480:*

[SIZE=5]-Scribbling your plate numbers EVERYWHERE on a jalopy for fear itaibiwo…that little sheet will still be jacked.

  • raising car heights to mind boggling altitudes

  • adding ridiculously large, useless wings to your fcuking volkswagen to “improve its performance”,they are for race cars to help in the cornering department but considering utakaa kwa jam for the lifetime of the car…

-fake hood vents,might as well walk into a ka local with a huge dildo stuck up your pants

-Body kits …¯_(ツ)_/¯

-Buying parts that are over your head,your jallopy is just fine the way you bought it pale mombasa road aiseh

-gorgeous set of huge brake discs with funny holes in them,that is sooooooo 1950’s when gas pressure was a muther,mordern brakes dont do that

-buying random safety features meant for race cars,…sparco bucket seats on a ramshackle…why?

-zile number plate holders and decals zimeandikwa jina za yunares steits universities,who gives a sheet where you graduated yet here you are with a four year old registration on beat up car

Jaloppy operators have no clue what goes into building a car. Literally thousands of highly skilled engineers, artists, model makers, clay workers, aerodynamicists, technicians, and testers yet there they are putting spinning wheel hubcups[/SIZE]

They are grounding straps to reduce car zapps.since mordern cars are fully electric,there might be some build up of static so hio elec inakua discharged na hio strap. Others put it to indicate the towing ring though

Kama taa za gari haziko vile ilitoka japan ikiwa huwa siheshimu mwenye gari.