Stunt Gone Tragically Wrong

[CENTER][SIZE=7]YouTuber ‘McSkillet’ Dies in 100-MPH Wrong-Way Crash That Killed a Mother and 12-Year-Old Daughter[/SIZE]

A popular video game YouTuber known as “McSkillet” is dead after a high-speed, wrong-way car crash on a San Diego Highway that also killed a mother and her 12-year-old daughter, San Diego Fire Rescue Department officials said.
California Highway Patrol confirmed the fatal car accident took place on Thursday around 4:30 p.m., when Trevor Heitmann, known as “McSKillet” on Youtube, smashed his 2015 McLaren 650S head on into a 2010 Hyundai. Heitmann’s McLaren was traveling at almost 100 miles per hour as he drove south on a northbound carpool lane on the I-805 highway .
All three died at the scene of the accident, officials said. The San Diego Medical Examiner confirmed Heitmann died due to “blunt force trauma.”
California Highway Patrol also said they are investigating whether Heitmann intentionally drove on the wrong side of the highway.
The fatal car accident took place 30 minutes after Heitmann crashed his sports car into a gate at Ashley Falls Elementary School, San Diego Police said. After crashing through the gate, Heitmann exited his car and smashed a window at the school.

fuck him and his stunts he took 2 lives with him …

You are too kind. Stunt would imply skill and dare. Drunk is the more likely explanation.

High horsepower vehicles require experience and discipline to manouver. This young maafakaz watch top gear and assume it is as easy as it looks to drive on tv forgetting those old bastards have had years of experience to master that art.A McLaren being a rear wheel drive car is extremely difficult to control the torque given it’s horsepower so spinning out of control is very very easy.
If you can’t handle 4wheel drives or all wheel drive then you have no business driving a rear wheel drive car.
For further queries refer to YouTube car crash channels

at that speed and on the wrong side of a busy public road, even a combination of lewis and alonso would also crash - that is just suicidal.

ujinga tu. Why drive at 160kph on the wrong side on a freeway?

He’s already f&%ked!

hamsikii alicrash shule akatoka kwa gari akavunja window ya shule. Too much powder sniffing.

Sniffing vim thinking its cocaine