Study in India

A decade or so ago, India was known for it’s cheap low-quality college education with extremely low barriers of entry. Baba yao and Kabogo are the perfect avatars of the Indian educated Kenyans: brilliant kenyan kids flew to India study only to return as raging alcoholics who can’t hold down a job.

But, over the years India has and is still going through metamorphosis. India is now know for excellent medicare, tech, even space-travel. India is slated to overtake China and US and be the worlds biggest economy in the next decade. Is it the perfect time for Kenyan students to head to India for studies? I have been thinking of flying there for my masters and PHD; is it a smart move?

hehehe btw ma boyz wangu walisomea india ni walevi sanaa

No miracle has happened so far. India is still a center of questionable education and will continue to be for many years to come. I am not sure which textbooks or metrics point to India overtaking China or the United States. India is essentially a third-world country without the burdens of civil war or restrictive borders. If you need guaranteed but questionable educational credentials, India is the place to head to.

Gava retrenched so many Indian graduates wa India in 2000

Siezi kanyaga huko ata na dawa.

You rather opt for China.

Hapa ndio nimefika nikaona ur story is a lie,

Not really sure about this. I remember in campus going on YouTube to view tutorials on various units I was taking in campus. Almost all were Indians. Nilikuwa naudhika juu sipendi accent yao but ikabidi nizoee. India wanasoma (especially tech and engineering).

Wale hatukusoma na google/you tube apana tambua India. I’d rather scrounge through old volumes at UoN for my Phd than jet to university of Punjabi at Gujareti