Stuck at LG logo

I have an older phone that I haven’t used for a while after it froze at LG logo. I need to retrieve a contact but I am the least tech savvy person .The only help on YouTube naona ni how to restore to factory settings which beats the purpose . How can I regain access without erasing everything? The phone is a LG415 0812 made in china was using it on TMobile network . Any suggestions / links will help . Thanks

boot.bin corrupt? labda tafta recovery na boot bin na uflash bila kuformat data? @snapdragon okoa jahazi hapa

Now you’ve lost him

shukran , but to be honest that’s the 1st time nimeskia those terms ,boot bin corrupt. let me look them up. I’m not tech savvy at all

In that stage u can’t salvage anything from the internal storage, the only option u have is to flash stock ROM which will most probably erase everything .

Kama ulikua umesave contact Kwa Google Gmail, log in with your current device then uget hio contact

The G4 was globally known to have a bug. Some main-board issue causing the bootloop. It’s a hardware problem so a simple re-flash won’t fix it.

I must admit I dont have much experience with lg.


thanks for all the feedback ,still where I started tho


Just a question…does your phone have a custom recovery? Kama iko nayo, boot to recovery (invoves pressing several buttons eg power menu na vol button u can check for your phone). ukiingia custom recovery delete cache na ujaribu reboot. Kama huna custom recovery jaribu EaseUs data recovery for android utaweza recover your data halafu sasa uiflash …sijaitumia but I think it will cost you some money ama unaeza jaribu kaa utapata cracked version kwa torrent.

hapa husaidiki,niliuliza swali simple,hadi waleo nagoja,ni upuzi tu wanatuma.Utaambiwa ununue battery ya mongolia ama sweden ndio ifanye job

Huyu jamaa most likely sio contact anarecover inaonekana kuna kitu flani hapo tu inamkaza mbaya.

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it actually has worked

it actually worked !! shukran

Glad to hear. I was wondering kama ni contact tu ulikuwa unatafuta ama ni kitu ingine.

While logging in to the gmail account is the solution, i am happy to finally know that the G4 had a hardware issue. i had a similar phone with a similar issue, hiyo phone ilinisumbua sana , hadi wa leo huwa nashangaa ilinilemea aje after trying all the solutioons online. imelala hapo kwa nyumba. Shukran!

simu ya wizi labda