Struggling with bad thoughts???

Now when bad thoughts come to you don’t accept them as your thoughts for the bible says (1 Corinthians 2:1) “…we have the mind of Christ.”
So you natively have the mind of Christ and so when negative thoughts, fearful thoughts, bad thoughts whatever they are when they come to you, don’t let them intimidate you and make you think they belong to you or they are natively with you.So, you can reject them, you can say no this are not my thoughts.
This are the thoughts coming from the devil, see because the bible shows us that the devil does bring those thoughts. This are those spiritual missiles that the bible talks about, he shots them at your mind. Things that he already knew you were interested in before you were born again he will bring those thoughts back to you and make you think they belong to you. You have to learn to refuse them intimidating you, they belong to you and so don’t dwell on them. So, this are the steps you must take in controlling your mind.

Be blessed

You clearly have gone bonkus

I’m sorry I have a question to ask.
The good book agrees that man has freewill and therefore is of freethought.
Why are bad thoughts being heaped on a devil and good thoughts given to god?