Struggles of a Pedestrian in Nairobi

Being a pedestrian in Nairobi Central is exhausting. I don`t know where to start at.[ATTACH=full]373867[/ATTACH]

Hawkers have taken over our paths ,
they target pedestrian heavy zone causing even more confusion.They disrupt the natural flow by setting camp right in front of entrances, and after crossing zone. All this causes a phenomenon called Bottleneck i.e huge number of people trying to fit thru a small exit.
Jaribu kukanyanga mali zao!

Zebra crossing are non existent .If you have to cross this streets you have to look both left and right just to be safe you also have to look up you never know what fuckery has in store. fyi-by law you are not allowed to drive over a zebra crossing while a pedestrian is still on it, doesnt matter if he is past your car or the edge. I stood at Muthurua OTC crossing zone and so a huge flaw basically if you were to stand at the zone with red arrow and tried to cross the road while observing traffic rules you will never cross that road. in such a place with high number of pedestrian the best solution will be either an overpass or underpass .zebra crossing isnt effective. [ATTACH=full]373866[/ATTACH]

Nduthi gang the local motorcycle transporters dont even care if a soul is crossing argh! i can`t stand them,they are like parasites when you think you have gotten rid of one another one lacks.They ride on pedestrian paths like its some highway to hell.

Lack of regulation, you find buildings under construction fence an entire path for months even years to do their construction using X marked mabatis. where kuna path you get telecom companies destroying to install underground cables then leaving huge pits.

muggings,street urchins,matatu madness,mkokoteni,pollution,phony cops,malaya just to name a few

when you visit the city under the sun it leaves you drained which in turn affects my quality of life and general cities happiness.
Nairobi is a shit hole only business is keeping me here.i would leave this city in a heart beat. takataka

I regret rooting for impeachment of Sonko wetu .this city was way better under his governance.

i wonder if walking eyebrows pale city hall huslay kwa izi streets kweli[ATTACH=full]373868[/ATTACH]

Nunua gari kuna kadudu za 300k, wacha kuwa mtembezi

Nothing to enjoy in Nairobi, the worst place to live in Kenya. Waking up at 5 in order to get to the workplace that is just 3 kms away, difficult to walk around, very dirty streets with pot holes everywhere, stale food in the restaurants, dirty lodgings/hotels, mass of people idling in the city especially around Hilton, selling fake things, selling whitish things dipped in boiling oil calling them chickens etc

It gets better and better until you get to your prime in terms of age or earning ability. After this point its all downhill. You therefore need to plan your life/finances accordingly.

getting to the city with kadudu that is easy. where it gets hard is navigating the city .parking parking zones,traffic.if you we`re to drive from Tom Mboya st. to Moi avenue on peek it will take atleast 30min.

Driving around the city si efficient kama kutembea.especially short trips

this city is overrated.kwa ground vitu ni different.

Nairobi will only become a hospitable city the day To-Mboya street, Luthuli avenue, Munyu road, River road, Parliament road, and basically 3/4 of all Nairobi streets are closed to vehicular traffic between 6AM to 1AM. This means that vehicles specifically vehicles carrying goods to restock shops are only allowed for a limited period of time during the night.

In other words make Nairobi a people centered city instead of a car centered city.
Normalise building pedestrian bridges instead of zebra crossing.

I wish hii expressway inajengwa wangetenga two full lanes chini ya underpass and create a bicycle highway.

A vvv good plan but only if could be turned into a reality