Strugglers Movement Formed To Counter Hustler Movement

Sasa ni Katambe.

Strugglers deny that the R stands for Raila. They say it stands for REAL



Daft idea

They would struggle to see the house on the hill


REAL DAMN - Firstly of all, hawa in wajaluo wa RAILA obvious like Zebras. But most most important, if you are indeed not a Raila wing, why do you start by explain that R is not RAILA, and then proceed to attack Hustler Movement. One would think that the logical thing would be to start by stating your POINT-OF-VIEW Statement and then articulate your AGENDA. RAILA NI MJINGA SANA. Let’s wait for Sifuna to PR spin this mess, yet again.

The fact that they have enough confidence to pull this off, says a lot about what they think of the electorate and the general IQ of the electorate as a whole.