Strongest Man

Yani Kenya we cant organize hata a simple competition kama hii? Doesn’t look expensive to venture into and can generate immense interest.


M2Random wewe ni cartoon sana. Your ignorance does not mean that these competitions don’t exist . Hizi vitu ziko and kama you are in the industry you’ll know. They may not be as highly publicised as you may like but they are organised and take place regularly.


Samson tore a hyena in half he is the strongest man

It’s possible Mimi huwatch , one was held in Botswana

Mi natambua tiger power tu akitarua phonebook,akule misumari ngumi kwa mbao,akanyagwe na landrover kwa tumbo…yep huyo.

Basi promoters do a very shitty job. Hii ningejua ningeenda kuwatch.

The Kenyan event has been profiled on National tv and news papers. Shitty job ni wewe, a simple YouTube search would have shown you.

It’s still growing year by year so with consistency give it time

Tiger alidead 2019 fathee


To @M2Random if he has never seen or heard something, it means it doesn’t exist.

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