Strong mum who prayed her son out of geyness

This is her boy

There’s still hope for @patco

I appreciate the strong, prayerful and traditional moms. The modern mothers are embracing their kids as they are and their choices.

I’m waiting for your dad’s number coz umenisumbua ya kutosha. You yourself are in a gey cult MGTOW and you are pointing fingers at other people.

That part of Zanzibar and the kanzu had me tripping. I once went to a prayer mountain and a certain lady told me that God forbade her from going to the service in a dera. You know in prayer mountain we attend service at 6am and 6pm daily then at night you pick what prayer watch you want and come for the prayer watch after all this is not a holiday camp to sleep the whole night without prayers.

Sent you kwa inbox… Tunadai family cum dumpster.