Strong EA Community

We need to come up with contributions of Ideas of making our EA community stronger than any African community in terms of

3.Relationship within countries
4.Sports ie Football
5.Possible share a common currency
6.Information and Technology


intermarriage and interphuckng

I think Tanzania would pull out given the chance.

Umoja ni Nguvu na Utengano ni udhaifu,we have a very good relations with all EA community countries

Pse all take a note that we have the community but its not strong ,we need to strengthening it and act practical interms of developing and create new opportunities of doing business within as well as increase our exports abroad

Sports ati football no love for Rugby yet they been kinda okay i think
I say go and make a better thread cuz this will be a some low bar shit to make a rap about when you start of with foota as your go to ref

How will that happen if megafools takes every chance to slight Kenyan’s as an accomplishment. Our focus is Uganda to connect our infrastructure and business up to Kinshasa and Central Africa. The new Ethiopian PM was here recently with a full list of ideas to connect the two nations. Ethiopia is buying into Lamu port and immediately its buying land to set up a dry port for its goods heading to South Ethiopia. He want us to do a feasibility study to connect Addis and Nairobi SGR with a branch line from Isiolo to lamu port. The current Moyale border post that’s brand new will be converted to one border post for both nations to clear goods within hours. He is happy the new beautiful road from Isiolo to Moyale at the border that was completed a year ago.

EAC would be great if Tanzania joined hands with the rest. When things are good Tz inachafua maji ndio wengine wajitoe

I think the issue with Tz is mostly with their government needing a boogieman for any fuck-ups. It never makes sense to me when they have so much arable land they could plant with express vision of export to Kenyan market and still have plenty for domestic consumption.

Tanzania have big fertile and idle land to plant anything and export to all other EA members,but the problem is seriousness and technology of Agricultural applied in farming.

Agreed; seriousness ni shida hata hapa. As a community tunaweza faidi sana if we understand that trade between us only serves to improve things; and not just trade in commodities, but also services.

Kenya huko nasikia ardhi hakuna na full ukame.

Formula moja tu, love Kenya,Tanzania, Uganda,Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan,less love EA more.