I strongly advice UhuRuto no to assume Raila, he is a REAL threat to Kenya. Despite the fact I personally DISLIKE UhuRuto government I don’t agree with how Raila intends to “take” POWER.
That said it will do Kenya great if in 2022 THE presidential candidate should NOT be from Kalenjin, Luo or Kikuyu communities.
I believe other tribes also have “wise” MEN who can be president.

Tulimaliza siasa,bado umekwama hapo ??


Point noted.

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And who prevents these wise men from becoming President?


in most if not all countries in Africa and the middle East the largest tribes dominate power

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2022 is really far relax we need to rest, watch soaps and cry alone


Tag @spear ndio hii maneno ifike. Otherwise the people you are addressing are not talkers.

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hahaha take power aje na serikal iko imara?? Raila has been a threat since 1984, nothing new here!, Ndio maana RWNEEBP!

Apparently you have not been in Tanzania, your doorstep. Most presidents come from the minority…Mkapa, Kikwete, Nyerere, just name them

si unaona hapo nimesema “In most”

Na ukaongezea ‘if not all’, are u a politician?

Do you see Uhuru or Ruto here? Siasa tuliachia Babuon na his ilk of dim eyed orangutans.

You right, mungix meno-brown-mdomo-kauka are at the helm, wacha tuchilax

Same here.I resist from commenting on siasa.

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