When stressed i normally go off completely, can’t talk, can’t work, can’t think…complete shutdown.

How do you guys deal with it?

Unahitaji morning glory more often. It gives a nice days start.

Mimi huenda kwa mall na shop toilet paper ya kama 20k naenda nalalia nyumbani .

I just listen to music & watch movies hadi stress iisshe.

Only glory Capt TP can get is the hole kind.


Find something else to do

You are calling it stress but you are describing a anxiety disorder. You need to see a psychiatrist.

In general, anxiety is a normal reaction to stress. In fact, it can be a good thing. from dr. google!

Change how you think about stress. You can’t be happy on cloud nine saa zote. Stress and feeling low is a very normal part of life that everyone goes through. You cope by knowing tomorrow or next week will be better.

But a complete shutdown is not normal. It is not a good thing.

You can’t always live from peak to peak.
The trick is to walk through the valley.
I find that a little bit of stress drives me to action.
However, when I find myself getting overwhelmed naweka mafuta kwa kifikifi and I say I’m going for a meeting.

shika miti na utulie less than 20 min…thank me later


following works for me, kick off your shoes, sleep on the carpet and crank the following kind of tunes on (mid vol). you will waken up several hours later and completely stress free

Since I have to be somewhere during the day and sometimes night, total shutdown isnt an option, so when I get home, I put cartoon network on and let it take me away…

Tafuta dem. Hata nerd mwenzako @kindu kiega alitafuta moja amemkalia chapo, fanya hivyo


hehehe, issue sio dame lakini