Strength of a woman

Before Trystan Bailey a 13 yo girl was stabbed 114 times, there was this amazing young woman. Please advise your daughters not to be trusting, the world isn’t exactly a safe haven for women. An innocent meet up with a man or a boy can turn into a disaster of unimaginable proportions. I pray she gets a miracle and is able to walk again.

Tristyn Bailey.

Damn, this girl is strong. 114 knife stabs! The timeless lesson is never go to a secluded place alone with a stranger, or even some not well-known friends: some normal looking people are quite unhinged, and they only need the right space to pounce.

The first one was stabbed by her date and run over with a car for rejecting sexual advances. She is paralyzed.

The 2nd died from her wounds 114 stabs.

The devil lives

Wewe nikikupata kwa secluded place ntakutomba mpaka useme assaylam alyekumm wa barakatu.

Agwambo unajua ukikufa ujatubu geyism wakbar atakupeana kwa madimoni wakutombe haga indefinitely? Uko na mchezo mbaya. Change lane b4 it’s too late boss.