Streaming Western Movies And Series

Are there any laws against providing these content for free, by downloading from torrent? Kenyan music/movies, I know the law protects local artists. What about content ya wazungu?

Africa is not their target market.
even if they spent $8bn to stop piracy kupitia campaigns lobbying etc they’d never regain that money. no one is Kenya atanunua movie Blu-ray ya 3000/= so they don’t care

we have better things to do with 3k

vile @SwagMargeddon amesema

They colonized us and stole from us.They still still our raw materials(coffee) and sell it expensively as processed. Thats our payback

Microsoft windows tried anti piracy shit and prosecutions, but kiboko yao ilikuwa open source na android

this guy is trying
mpe support

where did microsoft try anti-piracy… microsoft has always been low-key for piracy of windows

I thought ni content from western province

As long as you are using windows pirated or not Bill Gates stays winning because at the end of the day hujahama to the next guy. He remains dominant and that’s what he wants.

To be the sun around which everyone rotates. When you are the sun you call the shots. All computers made have to be compatible with you. All software made has to be compatible with you first.

And his gamble is once you’ve used the pirated copy, you will one day make money and aspire to buy a legit Windows copy uwache zile warnings… and Bill will be waiting.:smiley:

Ni kama heroin. The first dose is always free.

Market dorminance.

A friend running a cyber alifikishwa kotiko na kufiniwa 30k for using pirated windows is.It was in 2006

They have already made money through movie theatres, hulu, netflix and others

How do they steal your coffee?

Movie shops get licences from the local government without any questions on the legitimacy of the said movies/series…

The Kenyan government doesn’t care if you pirated western content.

As for a streaming website; I think you can expect a cease and desist every now and then and Google won’t be nice to you with regards to ranking.

Piracy is one of those things that no mateer what the government do, will never be stopped. Piracy is mostly rampant in third world countries like ours. Pretty much ninety percen of the movies watched by kenyans are pirated. Even those who can afford those expensive movies tend to go for the cheper alternatives of 50bob. Why would someone wasre their time buying a 3k movie when for the same price they can buy more than 50 movies locally or buy a lot of data and watch those same movies online.For theses reasons, piracy is kind of legal in kenya. Nani atatoka US kukuja kushika all kenyans wenye wana watch pirated movies.

Kweli. And they know that a time may come when Africans will have higher purchasing power and be able to buy movies. Then they can spend the 8 birrions and their job will be much easier since we will have a natural preference for hollywood movies having been hooked on them when free.

After so many stuggles with pircay in third world countries, piracy of inernational tv shows became vey clear that itis something that cannot be stopped. Getting hizo ma series za wazungu is next to impossble unless you are using dstv explora with all the channels paid for. Unaona yuu vile ni expensive, that is why they are pirated for only 50bob. Sice everyone is doing it even in public like dj afro. No one saw a problem with it, it is a normal thing in kenya. The western producers cant just come here abd arrest all of us for piracy. Some peple do it without even knowing about it. Local shows can also be pirated but with restrictions, since you are a local the government can easily get their hands on you,